How to Prank People on Omegle

omegle girls 11Prank people on Omegle can be quite funny for those who wants to enjoy while they are chatting. If you would like to do that to people, you should use some tools. You can even get ban from Omegle because of that but you can still unban from Omegle with our tips. Firstly you will need a webcam or fake webcam program to do it. If you will use a fake device (Simulated cam), we recommend Manycam for you. You can prank to people hardly with text chat. However you can still do Omegle Facebook trick for text but you won’t have many options in there. Download a fake webcam program. However I should remind you it’s forbidden to use such programs in the site. So please don’t be online with such programs for a while. Moderators are 7/24 online in the site and they are keeping monitor discussions in the site. If they see that you are connecting with such programs, you are going to be banned. You can see how to unban from Omegle on How to Chat Online.

Omegle is not just for dating with girls or men. It’s also for having fun on internet. So you are going to learn how to fun in the site with our tips. However we recommend you to stay out of very bad jokes and don’t record people and publish them on YouTube without their permission. Let’s talk about how to prank people on the site.

Step By Step

  • Find a free fake webcam program and download it.
  • Install program correctly to your computer.
  • If you don’t know how to use such programs, go look at YouTube. You are going to find many videos about using such programs.
  • Run your program and now you will need a video.
  • If you want to run a video from YouTube in your program, you should firstly find a YouTube downloader sites or programs. There are many sites about that. You can use them.
  • Find a good video for pranking. You can find many videos in YouTube with searching Omegle Trolling Videos.
  • Download the video with downloader site.
  • Go through video chat and find your person who you will prank there. Set up your camera and do the rest of job.

Good luck!

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