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omegle spy modeSpy mode is a good and nice feature of Omegle and many people are using these feature nowadays. But new users and those who are using this site rarely don’t know how to enter Omegle spy mode yet and we have got such questions from our contact us page.  You can ask people what you want with Omegle spy mode but you don’t able to answer them. You can just watch Stranger 1 and Stranger 2’s conversation. We are going to how enter this mode in this article and I hope you will get answers your questions. 


Enter Spy Mode on Omegle

Firstly, connect to Omegle‘s main page and look at just bottom of “Text Chat” button. You will see a little writing there as “Spy (question) mode in a grey table. Please click on that. Then you are going to receive a new blue table in your screen and a blank form. Please fill that form with a question and click on “Ask Strangers” button. Then you will enter spy mode on Omegle. All other things will be same… If a stranger, disconnects from your question, you will need to connect again or if you didn’t like to conversation between strangers, you can click on disconnect button and you can skip strangers. You should ask creative questions to people  if you want them to discuss and answer about your subject.

Good Luck!


  1. This spy mode is really sick. I have looked for its link for a while and I couldn’t find at all. Your post has helped me.


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