How to Chat on Omegle Video Without Webcam

Omegle Video requires a webcam from their users for join to chat. If you don’t have a device for broadcast, you won’t able to talk with strangers on the site. However there are still some virtual devices which you can use and it will allow you to enter to site easily. You can talk with many people on the site with your virtual device and you won’t need to broadcast yourself. However you need to be careful while you are using virtual devices. You can upload some fake videos, gifs and jpegs on these fake devices and if Omegle staffs catches you while you are violating terms, you are going to be banned from the site. If you are already banned from Omegle and want to know how to get unbanned from Omegle, you can find some tips about that on our site.

If you don’t a device for broadcast yourself, “video” button won’t be appeared on your screen. So you won’t able to see those who has cam on Omegle. You are going to find here some tips for entering to Omegle Video without a device. We hope that it will help you to join the feature and you will able to talk with many strangers on the site.

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How Do You Enter Video Chat on Omegle Without Cam

If you don’t have a cam and if you don’t want to get new one for just entering to video chat of Omegle, you will need to download a virtual webcam program. Such programs are already known as fake cam programs. You just download it and install it to your computer. Manycam is one of the most popular virtual device about that. It’s free, it doesn’t slow down your computer, many language options on the program and there are many good options for broadcasting. You don’t need to set up anything after you install the program. Just enter Omegle and talk with strangers!

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