We have told you how to meet Andorran girls on Omegle, now we are going to give you tips for meet guys from this country. We are going to give you a guideline with pictures on this page. It is going to be easy for you. You will need to have a Facebook account which you don’t like any pages with it (or an account which you don’t like many pages) or you will need a list of places and towns in Andorra. Andorra is one of the most little countries on the world. We recommend you to try meet these people on other social networking platforms such as Twitter and Omegle. If you would like to meet Andorran guys on Twitter, you can read our guideline. You will hardly meet people from Andorra on online chat sites.

Ways of Chatting with Andorran Guys on Omegle

If you would like to chat with Andorran Guys on Omegle, you should do following ways:

Go to Random Chat

1-) Facebook Page Likes

Facebook page likes will allow you to meet people wherever you want on Omegle. You will need to connect your Facebook account with selecting  “Add my Facebook likes as topics” then you should tick “Find Strangers with Common Interests”. If you want to meet Andorran Guys on Omegle, you will need to have a Facebook account without page likes since page likes which is not related with Andorra will make you meet with random people from random countries.

Login your Facebook account and search pages about Andorra and it’s towns.

Search Andorra on search box first and then click related pages about Andorra.

Then like all related pages about Andorran towns and country.

Find pages about Andorra first and like them. If you would like to like pages about city as we have shown in the example above.

Go to Omegle and please tick “Add my Facebook likes as topics” and “Find Strangers with Common Interests”.

Please select options we have shown above.

2-) Omegle Interests

These are interests which you can type manually. You will need a list of cities, towns and places of Andorra for that. Here is the list for you:

Andorra, Andorra La Vella, La Massana, Arinsal, El Pas de la Casa, Sant Julia de Loria, Santa Coloma, Engordany, Soldeu

Copy all these cities and paste on Omegle and tick “Find Strangers with Common Interests”:

Copy all cities we have shown above and paste on interests and select box which is near of “Find strangers with common interests”

Then try to find people on Text Chat or Video Chat.

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