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omegle faq girlsThere are many questions we have from Omegle users we have decided to make a FAQ for Omegle page for you which will be quite useful. It will guide you to use the site better and knowingly. Otherwise you are not going to have many chances for using the site. I suggest you to read all we have written here. So you are going to see FAQ for the site by other users and it will increase your knowledge. It will be also very useful for beginners who starts to using this free chat site. You will able to find many girl and man partners with the answers of questions.

It’s one of the largest online community of the world. Many strangers start a dating with people who they find on the site. There are many success stories. However there are many bad guys in here too. We will also tell you how to prevent from these prevent guys. I hope we will able to help you a little bit with this post about usage of the site. You will even start to dating with girls or men with aid of us. Good luck.

General FAQ

  • How to only get girls on Omegle?

You can get girls on this site with setting your interests very well. Many girls are using Facebook interests on the site and they are using girlish interests. You should set your interests for girls and disable for Facebook interest feature in the site. If you click on the question you will see many examples.

  • Can someone see my IP address on Omegle? (A Question from HCO user:I am curious if someone can see my IP address on Omegle? If your answer is yes, how? Can I block it?)

As we have mentioned at our a few pages and answers, the answer of your question is “Yes”. People can find out your IP via Omegle and any other chat sites with using some programs. However if someone find outs your IP, that doesn’t help him/her much. He/she will try to scare you. They can do it with some softwares. We are not going to tell name of these programs since they are violating privacy of people. You can’t block these programs. However you can try use VPN services. Some of these services don’t provide 100 percent success though. Some of proxy websites are working for Omegle too.

  • What are risks of using Omegle in these days? (A Question from HCO user:I just started to use Omegle nowadays and I like the website except some of perverts. What are risks of use this website?)

If you use Omegle carefully, I don’t see any risk to use this website. However as we have told you, you should be careful. These are our suggestions: Always try to chat with people clearly on this website. Don’t abuse the rights of people. Chat with people who are really honest and friendly to you. Don’t forget that people can record their screen while chatting with you. So you should be careful about what you are talking and how do you look on video chat. You can find yourself on youtube or elsewhere.

Just hit 3 times ESC button in your keyboard.

You can not. You can send feedback to staff or use proxy sites to enter.

No, you can’t search them.

Use any VPN service like utrasurf or use Web hide IP web sites.

  • Can you upload files to Omegle?

No, you can’t upload files to Omegle yet.

  • Is Omegle a dating site?

Actually no, Omegle is not a dating website! But people are using it like a dating site.

  • How long does Omegle ban last?

In a few days (2-3). If you send a feedback to Omegle staff, your ban will last sooner.

You shouldn’t expect much from Omegle unmoderated section for finding girls. Find a good alternative of the site and begin to use there. It will be wiser for you.

  • How do you know that you are really talking to Justin Bieber on Omegle?

You know nothing Jon Snow…

  • Omegle is really anonymous? (A Question from HCO user: I am not sure about this anymore. I have seen a few people who has told my location, country, even my region in my city. Is it really anonymous or people are using some resources for understand your location or ip?)

There are such programs which helps you to understand stranger’s location. However we don’t recommend you to talk these people. Omegle is anonymous, however these people are violating your privacy. It is easy to find your location if your IP is detected by someone else. So it’s not a big trick.

Text version is a better option for them but you should be with them if they are younger than 18. We don’t recommend video version for kids.

  • I am addicted to Omegle. How can I get rid of it? (A Question from HCO user: I am using Omegle about 3 years. However I am really addicted at last 6 months. I am using Omegle almost 12 hours in a day and I keep my camera open for a long time. I know I started to get annoy with the situation but I just want to quit use it. What do you suggest to me?)

Thank you for sharing your trouble with How to Chat Online. We recommend you to talk with a psychologist first. However if you are asking for our opinion, we recommend you to seek for another stuff. We recommend some Fantasy Role Play MUD games for you. These are text based games and you will able to have lots of fun there. You will able to talk many people there in a fantasy world. Iron Realm games are very good for that.

  • Do I have to pay for features of Omegle?

No! Omegle is providing completely free random chat.

  • Can You Get Someone’s IP on Omegle?

Users privacy on Omegle and another chat site is very important. Users can get your IP through some programs on chat sites and also these programs are also working on Omegle too. So if someone knows how to use these IP programs, they can get your IP at any chat site.

  • Can People Hack My Computer or Phone Through Omegle? (A Question by HCO user: I would like to use Omegle in my computer and phone, however I had some rumours that my phone or computer can be hacked by people. Is it possible?)

We cannot answer this question since we don’t have a good information though. If you are asking our opinion, we think it’s impossible to get hacked by someone through Omegle, since there is no file transfer at all. You cannot also get hacked by IP information.

  • Is it Dangerous to Talk to Stranger on Omegle?

Sometimes it is. You need to be careful while you are chatting with strangers and you shouldn’t give your personal information to them. We also recommend you to avoid to talk with people who are older than you.

  • Does Omegle have a time limit on conversations?

No it doesn’t have any time limit on conversations. When people are disconnecting, they think that there is a such thing. However there is nothing like that on the website. Sometimes disconnects can happen because of fail of Omegle servers though. This is not related with time limit at all. So you shouldn’t hurry while you are talking to people. But we recommend you to ask for an email at the least for don’t lose a connection.

  • Can you send images on Omegle?

It is not possible to send images through Omegle yet. However you can still use image uploading services and share the link with strangers.

  • Can you be tracked on Omegle?

You can’t be tracked by a stranger on the website. However your ip address will be stored as same as many other sites. In legal situation your IP address can be shared with government.

  • What is Omegle Spy?

There are two modes of Omegle spy. One of them is in spectator mode. You ask a question to two strangers and watch their conversation. The other one is you respond someone’s question with another stranger. You can next a question if you don’t like it.

  • How many people use Omegle in a day?

More than one million people are using Omegle in a day. We can’t get 100% information about that from other sources.

  • Who is the Owner of Omegle?

Omegle’s owner is an Icelandic American who is called as Leif K. Brooks. He is a developer and he made many other good works for internet.

  • Can you report someone who is violating terms of Omegle?

Unfortunately Omegle doesn’t let you send feedback now. You can’t report someone at the moment. However we hope that this feature will be available in the future.

  • Does Police or FBI monitor Omegle?

No. Police or FBI doesn’t monitor Omegle. There are some strangers who are claiming that they are Police or FBI. Please don’t take it serious and next those trolls.

  • Is Omegle an app?

Unfortunately there is no app which is called as Omegle. It is only a website at the moment. So you can’t use Omegle as an application on Android and iOS devices. There are other ways to use Omegle video chat on mobile phones.

  • Is Omegle a social networking website?

All chat websites purpose is the same with other social networking websites. Such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. We can call it as a social networking website. However it is not something like Facebook or Twitter. If you want to keep connection with someone, you will need another social networking tool for keep connection.

  • What is M on Omegle?

M means male on Omegle. People generally tell this to you at the beginning of the chat or when you ask for ASL.

  • What is F on Omegle?

F means female on Omegle. It means your partner on the conversation is a woman. You will generally see this answer at the beginning of a conversation with stranger or when you ask ASL to someone.

  • Are there any apps like Omegle?

There are many apps like Omegle at the moment. There are apps which is called as Chat Alternative, Ome TV, Camsurf, Chatous. You can use those apps on iPhone and Android devices. There are also websites of those applications.

  • Can I use Omegle on my phone?

Yes you can use Omegle on your phone and you can begin to talk to strangers. You can do it with Puffin Browser on Android and iPhone devices. If you are not using one of those operating systems, you can’t use Omegle at all.

  • Does Android phones have Omegle?

As an application, Android phones doesn’t have Omegle app in Play Store at the moment. You can download Puffin browser to run it on your device.

  • How can I download Omegle?

Unfortunately you can’t download Omegle since it is only a website. There is not any application of the website for PC, Mac, Android or iPhone devices. It is not downloadable at all. You will need to enter to the website through browser and begin to chat with your device.

  • Does Omegle has a virus?

Omegle doesn’t have any virus. If you are already using Chrome browser, you can feel safe about this. Chrome browser doesn’t allow you to join websites with malware and virus. Omegle is not one of those websites which has a virus.

  • Are you anonymous on Omegle?

You are only anonymous to strangers. You won’t be anonymous to the developers and moderators of the website. They will able to track your conversations.

  • Does Omegle save chat history?

It does save your chat history because of security reasons and fighting with spam.

Video Chat FAQ

Yes you can. There’s a video cam feature on Omegle.

It’s same with other options we have mentioned in first question.

  • How to switch Omegle video?

If you want to switch Omegle video while you chat on text. Just click on banner of the site and click on blue video button. If video button is not active, it means you don’t have a camera.

  • Why i can’t see most partners on Omegle video?

It might be an Omegle connection problem. Reset your connection and try again.

  • Does Omegle staff watch your video chats?

Yes they do watch your video chats. That’s why Omegle staff monitoring website 7/24.

It means it’s highly likely your partner is using fake webcam program (virtual camera device) on Omegle. Such programs are very dangerous and your partner may record your videos. We recommend you to stay away these people if this message appear in your chat screen.

Video Tablet FAQ

No. Omegle has no application for video chat yet.


  • Does HowtoChatOnline.Net remove Bans?

No. We don’t own the site. How to Chat Online only tries to guide you about usage of the site. We aide you to how to remove ban and we don’t guarantee it at all. If you want to unban Omegle you can click to check our guide.

  • What’s the best way to get unbanned from Omegle?

Sending feedback to staff is the best and legal way to do it.

  • Ultrasurf is banned from Omegle, how do I unban it?

You can’t unban Ultrasurf, unfortunately.

  • When will Omegle ban finish?

It depends why did you ban from the site and the ban may last in 2-10 days.

College Chat FAQ

  • Why I can’t connect to Omegle College Chat?

If you don’t have an edu mail, you can’t connect Omegle college chat. If you have an edu mail. You should try reset your connection and retry to connect again.

  • I don’t have an Edu mail, can I still use Dorm Feature?

Yes, you can. Please click here how to get an Edu mail.

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