Enter Dorm Chat on Omegle Without Edu Mail

Dorm chat is one of the most important part of Omegle and there are many girls who wants to talk with you. If you would like to use that chat feature, you need to have a mail. If you don’t have one you can’t use this useful feature and you can’t meet with College girls on the site. We will give you some tips in this page and you will able to enter the site without  Edu mail. So you will able to talk with college girls on the site. If you like to talk with girls from universities and colleges, this chat feature will be very suitable for you.

If you already have mail, and if you don’t know how to use this feature, please keep watch our posts. You will able to meet with college girls with our tips and you can start to dating with them. May be you can find girls from your own university and college and you can meet with her on the school. You don’t need to pay for these service at all. It’s a free service of the site as same as other services. You can use this chat feature for both video and text chat. Good luck!

How to Enter College Chat Without Edu Mail

If you don’t have a mail, you can get it free! You don’t need to be student, you don’t need to pay for this service. You should find the address from Google Search. You can always use the Google Search to for find stuffs on websites.

Search in Google:

     Chat Now   

BCC Student Email Account Registration

Click on the address which you will see top of Google Search List. Click on Register link. Enter a username, enter a password, and enter correct anti-spam code and get your Edu mail. There’s no account sms verification or email verification.


There is also alternative ways to get mail. California Colleges already providing such mails for you. If you want to get an account from there with mail. Follow these steps:


Click on the site which is top of search results. Click on create an account. Select one of the options which suits you. Click on “Find” button and select a random school. Click next button. Enter all required fields. Don’t forget to check box which is near such a text “Check here if you do not have your own e-mail and would like to use this site’s account as your primary e-mail.” Agree terms and create your account!

Now you are ready to enter the site with your new mail. Go to main page of Omegle and enter your new mail address to Dorm Chat. Now you will able to chat with College Girls on the site good luck!

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  1. I tried everything in this video including trying to get in that website with that little program and nothing seems to be working it just tells me the page has been broken. I don’t know what to do.

  2. this californiacolleges doesn’t show that “Check here if you do
    not have your own e-mail and would like to use
    this site’s account as your primary e-mail.” anymore and the webmail won’t log me in.

    Do you have any other solution?
    Or send me an email id if u would?

    • Thank you for your feedback, Aman. We will work for new solutions. There were only two addresses which gives edu mail. If there’s someting new, we will update the page. If we have any edu mail, we will send it to you via mail.

  3. Hi, I try 3 time… I can’t login webmail with the created email … so I can’t verify the mail from omegle … please help :/

  4. hey i just tried your tech, but it doesnt work for me : it says account not working ,can you send me one please?
    I really want to try the dorm chat

    • Emily, Is it your right mail which you type here before you comment? I have sent you an edu mail account.

  5. same here it just loads forever and than say inccorect spam code or some error everytime. As with all online tutorials like this, this is complete useless.

    • Hello, Emily. Dorm Chat is not working since last month. It is also a beta feature, so you shouldn’t expect much from it. I hope, Omegle staff will fix it very soon.

    • Hello,
      It seems you are from Sweden. I got one recently. You can already see it in the video. Did you try to download Ultrasurf?

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