Child Predators on Omegle: Don’t Allow Your Kids to Use It

Unfortunately internet became a dangerous tool for all of us year after year. Personally I remember the times when we talked to people via mIRC. It was unbelievable for me to talk to someone from another country instantly. Now, technology and coding strategies improved and people can create amazing sites like Omegle now. Unfortunately human-being destroy the everything nice for their own benefit. This is not just about Omegle, this is about all other random chat sites and all other things in the world.

We are going to mention about child predators on Omegle and why you shouldn’t allow your kids to use this website (and other random chat sites) today.

Child Predators on Omegle

Actually purpose of the Omegle’s creation was very good and unique. It was the first anonymous chat website of the world. It made a good start and lots of people started to use the website. However then video chat and unmoderated chat features have been added to the website. Then Omegle Lady Zone appeared. These are good features who wants to have a chat with those purposes. However they are also the main reason which lures to all child predators and perverts to the website. Too many arrests took place because of Omegle and other random chat sites.

Unfortunately avoiding these predators is impossible. There is only two solutions for this, you will need to join your kids, when they enter Omegle. The other option is not allowing your kids to use it.

Why You Shouldn’t Allow Your Kids to Use Omegle and Other Chat Sites

In September, 26, 2018 the police made an operation to child predators on Omegle and other chat sites/apps in New Jersey. 24 people has arrested in the operation because assaults against minors. Unfortunately all of those has caught because of crimes on chat websites. Of course there are much more than these and it is impossible to clean them from internet. Unfortunately there is not any technology that internet can detect a child predator automatically yet. However you can still block those websites with some free programs that you can download through internet.

Child Predators on Omegle

How to Block Omegle on Home Internet

You will need to have a software for blocking Omegle and other chat sites from your internet connection at home. Qstudio is one of the best options for you to block unwanted websites. You can setup this to your home network. It works for every operating systems.

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