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Omegle Somalia GirlsSomalian girls are not many on Omegle and we will try to a few ways to find them on Omegle but you should expect much for a good result. Actually they are very very rare. Somalians used to know Somali language and Arabic. If you know Arabic, may be you will still have chance to find these girls on Arabic chat rooms. if you don’t know Arabic, the things will be harder for you. There are also some Somalian girls who lives in North Europe (Norway, Sweden, Finland) and Ethiopia. There are many Somalians in Minnesota too. May be you will still have some chances to find them but it will be quite hard for you. These girls are typical African girls and they are generally friendly when you talk them. If you can find them online. You can also meet Arab girls while you are searching them. There are also many Somalian girls and guys who are living in Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Yemen, Canada, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, United States, Sweden, UAE, South Africa, Norway, Holland, Saudi Arabia, Denmark and Finland.


Chat with Somalian Girls

Somalian girls rarely know English and there are not many internet users in Somalia. Somalians on Omegle are generally from Europe and Minnesota and there are not many of them on Omegle. If you would like to chat with these girls I recommend you to get a list of Somalia cities, Minnesota cities, Finland cities and Norwegian cities. Add them all to your interests. If you try to filter gender with other stuffs, may be Omegle won’t match you with anyone. So just add cities to your interests. If you are lucky you may chat with an online girl.

Information about Somalian Girls

Somalian girls are typical African girls and they are generally Muslim girls. There are not many online of them on Omegle for chat.

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I am a Somalian from UK London. I am looking for Somalian girl and her age should be 20-30.

My age is 32. She has to live in UK or has to be from UK.

Ingrid Mjelde


I am Ingrid and I am looking for a Somalian who is living in Trondheim or Oslo. I am living in both cities and I love to meet black guys. Please let me know if you ever interested chat with me.


Hello girl. I am from Somali. looking for somali man if that you call me.

Mayanja Joshua

I am also in need of dem


Hi? I want to date any somali girl. Contact me through my email


I want to date with Somalian girl from Finland


Hello Somalian girls,
I am interested with African girls and I am from Poland. Send me message please.


Hello I am looking for a Finland Somalian girl

Kenyan Guy

Hello girls,
I am from Kenya and I want to meet one of you as soon as possbile. Haha! I have good money!