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There are ways to get new friends from Afghanistan online on Internet. We are going to tell you how to make new friends from this country and how to meet Afghan girls on Omegle and talk them on this page for you. If you have any questions regarding this subject, you can ask us through commenting this page. Before we begin to share our tips, we will also recommend something important which is related with language options. If you know Dari language of the country, you can give a try to Persian language option of language selection of the website. The language selection is located at top right. You can always use option to meet someone from those country. But if you don’t know that language (which you have picked in language menu), we also don’t recommend you to use that tool.

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How to Meet Afghan Girls on Omegle

If you want to meet them on video chat feature of the site, it’s almost impossible because there are not many of them on international chat sites. We recommend you to enter local flash chat rooms of the country. There are many nice females on these channels. We have already introduce some of these channels for you in the past. You should prefer to use text feature of Omegle if you want to increase your chance. Otherwise you won’t meet them on video chat.

You can check some local online websites on here: Afghan Chat Rooms

At the video above we have recommended some keywords related with locations. You can use those location names and we also recommend you to use popular people’s name on the website. You can also use those for Facebook page likes. Facebook will help you more than adding interests manually.

Afghan girls are generally believe in muslim religion. So we recommend you to not to be without clothes in camera while you chat with them. Otherwise you won’t get a good result. She will skip you immediately. So you will lose an important chance. You will enjoy while you online chat with these girls.

Details about Afghanistan Girls Before Online Chat

Afghanistan is a country in South Asia and girls are generally brunette. If you would like to meet one of them, Omegle or Facebook is the best way to find one of them. They look like Pakistani and Indian women because they live in the same region. They are generally beautiful and nice. There are many Afghan girls who are living in Europe and USA. So there’s a possibility that you can find one of them. Afghans are good and warm people.You can make good friendships with Afghans. Omegle is a good chance for meet them online.

Alternative ways: How to Chat and Find Afghan Girls on Facebook


  1. Hello, every each Afghan girls,
    I would like to meet with an Afghan girl who is living in USA Canada and Europe for real and such marriage, for more information please contact me on Skype or Whatsapp.

    • Hello Zami,
      Welcome to How to Chat Online community. We recommend you to take a look at local chat sites of the country. You are going to get better results. We have also updated the post. You can also try Facebook to meet people from this country. Facebook actually is the best way to meet them. Unfortunately we cannot publish your personal stuffs on How to Chat Online anymore. You can ask us if you have any question related with this subject.

    • Hello Elham,
      Thank you for the comment… :) Welcome to our community. If you want us to edit that section of the content, please let us know with some information. We are going to describe as you will tell us. You are always welcome to criticise us and our content!

  2. I am single guy, I worked for American forces in Afghanistan. I want to have an Afghan girlfriend from United States of America or European countries. If any women interest with this, please send me an email. The age is not important for me. I would like to have a friend from this country and also getting married with them.

    • Hello searat. Welcome to How to Chat Online. You can meet with Afghan people who are living at abroad on Facebook much better than Omegle really. You can check some of those groups in Facebook:

      Afghans in Australia
      Afghans in USA
      You can make searches like these and take a look at groups. Groups are the best way to communicate with strangers on Facebook.

    • Hello Marko,
      You can take a look at my respond to Searat recently. Facebook is the best way to communicate them at the moment. Especially with Afghan females who are living abroad. You can take a look at my suggestion and make your searches on Facebook.

    • Hello Ahmad,
      You can find some active Afghan people who are living in India on this group page: Afghans in India. You can also take a look at other comments above and try search them through similar ways. We have told others how to make a search on Facebook to meet people above. If you have any other question related with this subject, please feel free to make a new comment.


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