Black Screen on Omegle Video Chat

There are common problems on video chat of Omegle. We have already mentioned some of these problems in our latest pages. This time we are going to tell you about black screen and solutions of this problem. May be, you will need other programs or browsers for resolve this issue. Because there are more than one reason, if you are getting this error. Our solutions will be step by step and there will be more than one ways. We recommend you to try every step and check Omegle video chat again. Sometimes you don’t get this error for your own camera but you can see  partner’s camera black screen in every connection.

Unfortunately using proxy or such third party tools don’t help you about make your video chat work. It can be browser, java, cookie, firewall and regedit related issue. You will find useful information on here about how to get rid of this problem. It won’t take your too much time to resolve this issue but you may need download things. We are going to give that solutions (which you need to download programs), If you have any questions about this, you can ask your questions with commenting on this post.

Fixing Black Screen Problem on Omegle

If you want to fix that problem there are several ways to do it. Because it’s related with many things in your computer. Please check your camera connection on Omegle video chat after every step. Good Luck.

Are You Using Proxy or VPN?

Some proxy and vpn services doesn’t support Java and Flash. If you have proxy disable it from IE or your current browser, if you have VPN program, close it in your computer. Go to video screen and check your camera again.

If you are not using Proxy and VPN services and if this solution didn’t fix your problem please read the solution below.

Clear All Cookies in Your Browser

Sometimes too much cookies limits what you are doing in your browser. Clear all cookies in your browser and try connect again.

If clearing cookies didn’t solve your problem, please read the solution below.

Change Your Browser

Try install another browser. Firefox or Google Chrome are the best browsers for Omegle. You can resolve blackscreen issue with one of these browsers. You need to install flash and java plugins for firefox. You won’t need that for Chrome. We recommend you to try both browsers.

If changing browser didn’t help you, please red the solution below.

Download CCleaner and Clear Your Computer

CCleaner is one of the most famous program for computer health. It will automatically clear your regedit files and your cookies. You can use this program to clear all cookies in any programs and clear regedit files. It will also help you to get rid of black screen.

Nowadays black screen is common problem for internet users. We believe that the issue can be related with a program that you have installed or another device you have added to your computer. Try re-install them but we can’t guarantee 100% success about that since there are various reasons of this problem. If you are using ATI driver, there can be also a problem in settings on your driver..

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    Can you write me to email how I can fix this? I’m not using modem, I’m using router and it’s on battery, I can charge him and take it anywhere I want.. So, I don’t know hot fix problem with omegle..


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