Accidentally Disconnected on Omegle: Lost Connections


There are many sad disconnect stories on Omegle and people can’t manage to find each other. If you are one of them you can leave a comment on this page and try to find people who you were talking on the site. You can send a copy of conservation or you can send a screenshot of your screen. You can also write a title on the name section. You will able to find your Lost Connections again and you will able to add them on Skype, KIK, Facebook or another kind of IM you want.

How Will You Find Stranger That You Talk on Omegle Again

You can do that easily on How to Chat Online. We believe that it’s very hard to meet people that you lost connection on stranger chat sites but it will help you a little bit.  There are several ways to do it on How to Chat Online and we are going to give you a few samples that will help you how you will contact strangers. If you think that your stranger friend also accidentally disconnected, you can also use the samples that we provide for you. We hope that it’s going to work for you.

Fill the Forms

Click here to see registered stranger search list.
More information will make you closer to Stranger.

If you have any question feel free to ask us.

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  1. I am looking for a girl from Philiphins we have talked 3.05.17 and something disconnected us. You are 18 yo and a beatiful nurse student. Please read it!

  2. Amelia it’s me, what happened? We didn’t even get to exchange contact details. Remember I have brown eyes black hair Hassan athletic and we were being badmans lol?


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