Omegle Lost Connections

Did you lost connection with someone on Omegle and you would like to meet with her or him again? How to Chat Online will help you to find strangers. All you need to do is fill all blanks correctly. If you accidentally disconnected on Omegle, this service will help you to contact with strangers again. Before you fill the form we recommend you to take a look at example form. There are some tips for finding the lost strangers.
Don’t want your contact information to be published on our pages? Any Questions? Ask Us!

We are sad to announce that Omegle Lost Connections no longer Available…



    • After we have approved your submission, your contact information will be published on the website. (Which you have filled blanks in “Your Contact Information” section.


    • You may request your personal information to remove from Omegle Lost Connections.


    • If you request removal of information, we just remove your name and stranger’s name and contact details. There can be change in titles too. We don’t remove entire content.


    • If you request removal of information, ASL information, description of conversation and copy of the conversation will still remain on the page.


    • We don’t publish your e-mail which you give us for notification.


    • We remove personal information in 0-24 hours.


    • In 11.04.2016, we decided to no to publish personal information of those who are younger than 16 years old.

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