Shirley — Looking for Chase

Name Shirley
Stranger’s Name Chase
Your A/S/L 19/F/IN
Stranger’s A/S/L 21/M/FL
Contact Information by Skype: wolfshir21
Description of Omegle Conversation Cars, students, business, secrets
Copy of Omegle Conversation You: Age?
Stranger: guess
You: 17
Stranger: older
You: 19
You: 18
Stranger: 21 damn
Stranger: do i look that young
You: Yeah
Stranger: shit
Stranger: i’m never shaving again
You: Move over so I can see your face better
You: I can see it
Stranger: how old are you?
You: Based on your jaw line, at least
You: Guess.
Stranger: it’s sharp
Stranger: um
Stranger: 19
You: Spot on
Stranger: i’m good
You: Clearly.
Stranger: you’re cute
Stranger: where you from
You: The Midwest
Stranger: you aight?
Stranger: need help finishing it?
You: Some strong shit.
Stranger: suck it up
You: Wow lol
You: I don’t drink all that often anymore lol
Stranger: damn
Stranger: it’s so much fun though
Stranger: i feel like that shit’s hitting you hartd
Stranger: your faces are funny af
You: When I was like 14, I used to get drunk and wake up in random places so..
You: I’ve been drinking all night so
Stranger: share some then
You: Come here.
You: I just might share.
Stranger: i’ll fire up the private jet
You: Lol
Stranger: what’s your name?
You: That’s a question I don’t get very often on here lol
Stranger: i’m gonna need it to find you duh
You: To find me where?
Stranger: the midwest
You: I’m not on any social media or anything if that’s what you’re thinking.
Stranger: just to get my drink
Stranger: draw me a map or some shit then
You: It’s Shirley, and what should I call you?
Stranger: you can call me a few things
Stranger: my name’s Chase.
You: What else should I call you?
Stranger: ugh damn so many things
Stranger: let me choseafter i get that drink
You: Mmk
You: lol
Stranger: your smile’s cute af
You: Nahh
You: Your eyes are really nice..
You: But I have a question?
Stranger: hit me
You: Were you thinking with my fists or with a truck..?
You: Nah,
You: But what brings you here?
Stranger: corny af
Stranger: just sick af and bored
Stranger: and i knew you’d be on
Stranger: it’s meant to be
You: Lol surreee
Stranger: told you i’m good
You: Are you a student?
Stranger: yeah and i work
You: What are you studying?
Stranger: business management
Stranger: i’ve got my own business actually
You: That’s why you’re so slick lol
Stranger: could be
Stranger: wbu
You: Actuarial science
Stranger: damn sounds smart
You: It’s basically the use of statistics and mathematics in order to assess risk, whether it be in the financial or insurance industries.
You: I love math.
Stranger: oh shit
Stranger: that’s exactly what i look for in a girl holy shit
You: What lol
Stranger: nothing is a bigger turn on than a girl that likes actuarial science
You: I hate you.
You: Stop trying to tell me what I want to hear.
Stranger: how’d i do though
You: So tell me about your business?
Stranger: well i’m a male stripper
Stranger: they cal;l me white chocolate
You: Just stoppp
Stranger: it involves working on cars mlao
You: ohhhhh
You: Tell me more.
Stranger: about the business or…
You: The business of course
Stranger: it deals with all kinds of body work and mechanical work
Stranger: i inhjerited it
Stranger: doing pretty well
You: So do you know about cars then?
You: What do you drive?
Stranger: just a ford focus gt
Stranger: st*
You: Manual or auto?
Stranger: manual ofc
Stranger: wbu
You: Welllllllll this one is gonna take a sec
Stranger: here we go
Stranger: you’re really cute
You: So my first ever car was a 96 Mustang GT with a racing clutch and a short throw shifter, but he’s been down for a minute, so I bought an 03 350z (Manual obviously) and it’s pretty much stock other than the obnoxiously large spoiler I’ve got on it…
Stranger: oh you’re one of those
You: But a deer ran into the side of my z about a week ago so
Stranger: oh shit
Stranger: that sucks
You: I’ve got full coverage so
You: The agency is taking care of it
Stranger: nah i was just worried for the deer
You: But right now I’m driving my Jeep Cherokee (Auto) unfortunately
Stranger: pshhh
You: ?
Stranger: that sucks hough
Stranger: at least they’re taking care of it
Stranger: fix your shit and i’ll race you
You: Yeah but if they try to nigger my shit back together imma wreak havoc
You: Swear
Stranger: watch them do that
You: I’ll race you in Vincent
Stranger: let’s do it
You: That’s my Mustang, btw
Stranger: only if you buy me a bottle of bourbon when i beat your ass
You: 4.6 V8
You: It’s on.
Stranger: can’t wait
You: And if I win?
Stranger: you won’t
Stranger: don’t worry
You: So confident.
Stranger: ugh am i
Stranger: never heard that before
You: Were you thinking quarter mile or?
Stranger: nah full mile
You: What do I get when I win?
Stranger: name it
You: That’s a hard one.
You: Not quite sure what I want from you yet.
Stranger: think about it then
You: I’ll let you know when I decide.
Stranger: what should i want from you
Stranger: i don’t trust your bourbon choices
You: Why?
Stranger: the faces you’re making
You: It’s potent.
Stranger: good
You: That’s how alcohol should be
Stranger: i’d drink you on your ass
You: I’m a bit of a lightweight now
Stranger: you look tiny
You: But I’m not comfortable drinking around other people.
Stranger: better get used to it
You: It’s a terrible idea.
Stranger: wh’y sthat
You: When I legit get drunk, I have a really bad tendency to get hot and.
You: Well you know how it is.
You: Can’t keep my clothes on.
Stranger: i don’t think you know what “bad” means
You: It’s so bad.
Stranger: when i beat you
Stranger: we’re drinking
You: You mean when you get you ass whipped
Stranger: nah my ass is too nice for that
You: It’s not even about how much power you’ve got
Stranger: it’s how you use it
You: All that matters is who is driving
Stranger: oh yeah we’re talkjing about driving my bad
Stranger: i like your hair
You: Lol thanksss
You: It’s about time for a cut lol
Stranger: nahhh shit leave it
You: It’s kind of unhealthy
You: From the time that I spent working in a trailer factory
Stranger: you can deal with it
Stranger: it’s cute af
Stranger: cut it and i’ll whoop your ass twice as bad
You: Just try.
You: I like your attitude.
Stranger: you’d love me
You: I doubt that.
You: I’m very hard to please.
Stranger: ugh same
Stranger: so in sync damn
You: Do me a favor?
You: Wave?
You: K, just checking.
Stranger: damn you thought i was fake?
You: You know how old men are
Stranger: flattered
You: You havent moved much
Stranger: neither have you damn
Stranger: twerk real quick so i know you’re real
You: Hows that for ya?
Stranger: you’re probably an old man
You: I’m a little more classy than twerking.
You: Sorry!
Stranger: classy is overrated
Stranger: but i respect it
You: Think so?
Stranger: by far
You: There’s no fun in anything if you show them everything.
Stranger: step by step i guess
Stranger: don’t look at me like that
You: Like what?
Stranger: idk it was hot
You: What did I do lol
Stranger: ask me something
Stranger: open book
You: Deepest darkest secret?
You: I am a stranger, after all..
Stranger: i don’t have a great one
Stranger: i’m pretty out there
Stranger: if you can believe that
You: What’ve you got then?
Stranger: one time me and a friend adn some girls we knew brkoe into this place we knew nobody was living in and stayed there for the weekend
Stranger: got just like crazy lit
Stranger: idk if that shit counts or not
You: I guess if that’s all you’ve got.
Stranger: it’s not
Stranger: but it’s all i wanna say rn
You: Nahh, open book, remember?
Stranger: partly open
Stranger: like to the second page
Stranger: stop with the fingeqr thing shit
You: Guess I’ll have to fix that.
You: What?
Stranger: pass the bourbon
You: Lol I wishhh.
You: Your turn, ask me anything.
Stranger: what’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done?
Stranger: oh shit
Stranger: it better be good
You: I don’t know lol
You: One time a game of truth or dare when I was a bit younger kind of turned into me making out with a couple girls that I was friends with.
You: Ummm
Stranger: that’s the wildest?
You: I drove my mustang all winter one year, which was pretty much me drifting everywhere lol
Stranger: lame
You: When I was 16, I dated a 21 year old for a while
You: Parents werent too thrilled
Stranger: did you makeout with a 21 year old girl inside a mustang
Stranger: that’d be good
You: No.
Stranger: damn
Stranger: there goes my dream
You: I raced some methhead with a jar of pot one time in front of the state police station
Stranger: that’s kinda good
Stranger: idk
Stranger: disappointed overall
You: Sorrrrryyyy, I was never much of an interesting person, I suppose.
Stranger: we can fix that
You: How do you propose?
Stranger: idk
Stranger: pretty much any weekend in miami is wilder than that
Stranger: so just swing by and i’ll take you out
You: I’m from Indiana lol
Stranger: super lit there
Stranger: ?
You: Absolutely not
You: Everyone is on meth
Stranger: move
You: My entire family is on meth lol
Stranger: damn
You: Yeahhhhh
Stranger: definitely move
You: Nahhh I can’t
You: I’m a student at IUSB
Stranger: drop out and start stripping like me
Stranger: i mean look at me
You: I’m a waitresss..
You: So that’s pretty close to stripping
You: Considering old men undress me with their eyes all day lol
You: And pay me for it
Stranger: where at
Stranger: i’ll swing by
Stranger: give you a great tip too
You: It’s in a very small town
You: Even smaller than the one I grew up in
You: Right around the corner from it though
Stranger: idk how you do it
You: Jaywalker Restaurant lol
Stranger: be there tomorrow
You: It’s in a place called Mottville
Stranger: ugh alwyas wanted to go to mottville
You: Sunday would be better for me.
Stranger: sunday it is
You: Everyone does..
Stranger: give me good service
Stranger: i’m picky
You: Oh I’m fantastic
You: Promise
Stranger: from 1-10
You: 12
Stranger: my bar is usually set at 13
Stranger: i might settle though
You: Guess you’ll be oddly disappointed
Stranger: try not to
Stranger: really hard
You: I’m not generally one to settle with
Stranger: told you we’re in sync
You: How so?
Stranger: we run shit
Stranger: i can tell you do
You: You think so?
Stranger: idk do you
You: I mean, I don’t settle.
You: I know a few things
Stranger: only a few?

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