Now You can Appoint Group Admins on SOMA Messenger

SOMA Messenger has released the new update today (04.19.2018) in Google Play Store. They have also released many new features with the new version. You can appoint group admins on the app with one of those new features.

SOMA Messenger is one of those new communication applications which has 10 million downloads on Play Store. The application got 4.4 overall rating from Google Play Store users. The application has developed by Instanza Inc.

SOMA Messenger Released Version 1.9.7

Instanza Inc. made some new changes with 1.9.7 version. These are new features of the application with the new update:

     Chat Now   

  • If you are owner of a group and if you want someone else to moderate chats on your community, you can appoint group admins. This will help your group members to chat safely on your community. This will also help you lighten moderation works of your community.
  • If you have sent a message and if you want to recall it, you can do it in 5 minutes with SOMA messenger now. You should hurry to do it though. This is limited with only 5 minutes, otherwise you can’t recall your message. This will help you to remove messages, if you sent them accidentally. This will also useful for those who wants to give up to send a message.
  • You can search social groups by keywords now. You can find social groups related with your interest and begin to talk to new people on interest-based communities. This will help you to make friends through interests and you will have lots of fun in social groups.

Have the Latest Update from Play Store

You can get the latest update from Play Store at the moment. SOMA Messenger is free to download and free to use.

You can leave a comment below for sharing thoughts about the new update and new features of SOMA Messenger. You can ask us questions and if you have any trouble with the app, you can let us know. We are going to respond you as soon as possible.

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