Key Points to Keep an Online Conversation Alive 

The awkward stage of online dating is usually the first contact. Most of the times it can be frustrating to get a reply to your initial text. But this article is not about this issue. In this article, we are pass beyond that. We consider that you’ve successfully passed the first contact stage which means you’ve sent the first message and got a reply. Considering you have passed the weird “first contact” stage of online dating. You sent the first message, they replied – congratulations, you may now think about the next step.

What comes next?

Online dating means talking to someone you don’t even know. YET. And the fact that the other person is not sitting across the table means that we need to do something different to impress him or her. We want the other person to think that we are fun, interesting and flirty but at the same time, we want to look serious and smart. The key is to balance.

And all you have in your hands to impress your online date are your “words. We understand that it might be extra hard for some people to find the right sentences.

If you ever find yourself pondering about how to spark up an interesting conversation, and you are willing to get some help to see if that person you are chatting with is worth getting offline for, keep reading this article.

Key Points to Keep an Online Conversation Alive 

1. Ask questions

People love to talk about themselves. Just allow them to talk. It is a sure way to keep the conversation going. Ask simple and light questions. As they keep answering your questions, you will obtain more subjects to talk about and maybe discover similar interests.

It is also a perfect way to know if your match is worth talking to or not. If you ask them lots of questions and the only thing they do is to answer, you can be sure they are self-absorbed and not interested in what you’re all about. A normal person would ask you questions in return, that is if they are interested.

When you are asking questions, try to make it fun. Nobody likes a job interview.

2. Game on (Flirting)

Flirting is nice, but you must be slower than usual when you are doing it online. Because your partner is unable to see you or the signals you send, it can be a huge turn-off to flirt too early in an online site. Don’t start talking about sex toys straight away or send her a “selfie” at the gym all hyped up after exercise. Make sure you’re just adding a lick of sass to your messages in advance.

3. Be truthful

It can be easy to overstate or outright lying to make yourself look better when you’re sending texts almost anonymously. Never do that! One, because if you ever meet, it’s going to get awkward, and two, having flaws is human (and often endearing) – embrace them, and your partner will do so too.

If you’re not appreciative of your height, say, “I might be short but have other qualities.”

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