How to Make Friends from Argentina

You will want to use tools like chat sites, dating sites, social network sites and some messenger applications to make friends from Argentina. You can also use these tools to meet people from other countries of the world. We will tell you how to meet Argentinean people on this page. You can comment here if you have any other good idea to make friends from this nice country of South America. Let’s begin to tell you how to make friends from Argentina.

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How to Make Friends from Argentina on Internet

There are many good platforms to meet those people on several social networks. You can easily meet them with using those networks.


Facebook is always our first option to make friends on internet. You can also use this website to meet Argentinians too.  You can search a few things about Argentina on the website. For example the name of the country will be the best option for you. Search it on Facebook and click on groups. You will find many groups about the country on the results. Click one of those crowded communities and click on “See All Members” on the page. You will see all profiles on that page. You can send them message or join discussions on those groups to interact with people. Learn more about meeting foreign people on Facebook: How to Make Friends from Other Countries on Facebook


You will not use keywords to search Argentinian people via words on Twitter. We have given search examples in our other tips but since Twitter is very active in the country, you can change trend topics country to Argentina. You can click on trend hashtags from the left sidebar of Twitter and you can find people on the results. Get more information on making new friends on Twitter: How to Get Friends on Twitter


You can use applications which will help you to find friends through WhatsApp messenger on your iOS or Android phone. Install and Download one of those apps and begin to talk with nice people. You can find those apps on our top list: Top 5 WhatsApp Friend Finder Applications on Play Store

Chat Sites – Dating Sites – Forums


Chatearg is another quality platform that you can make friends. It is one of the most famous chat platforms of the country. You can easily meet those people on this website and begin to meet new people.  Registration is not required but the site is in Spanish language. You will still find people who know English language though.

Latin American Cupid

Latin American Cupid is not only for Argentina, it is also for many countries where are located in South America, Central America and North America. It is not a free service though. It is free to register.

How to Make Friends from Argentina

Our Tips for Argentina

You can take a look at following guides to make friends from Argentina. We provided information about those websites before on How to Chat Online, please see below:

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