How to Make Friends from Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a small country in North America and it is very hard to find people from this country on social networking platforms and it is hard to make friends from this country through internet. However we are going to provide brief information for making friends from this country. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding making friends from Antigua and Barbuda.

How to Make Friends from Antigua and Barbuda on Internet

Let’s see, how you can you make friends on internet. We recommend you to begin to our tips with Facebook and follow the other steps.


You can make friends from Antigua and Barbuda via using Facebook. All you need to do is making search on the website as “Antigua and Barbuda” and then click on groups. As we have mentioned at our previous post, you will need to take a look at groups in the search results. It will provide you the best result for making friends from this country. You will need to click on “See All Members” to see Angolan profiles. Check profiles on groups and send a message to members. For more information for making foreign friends on Facebook, please see the following guide: How to Make Friends from Other Countries on Facebook


I should admit that finding a friend from Antigua and Barbuda will be quite hard for you. You will need to take a look at Facebook before this. If you are already done with Facebook tips, you can do the following tips.

Go to Twitter and make a search with “Antigua and Barbuda” word on the website. Please check profiles in the result and ensure that he/she is from your target country. Interact with your potential friend with sending message or  replying tweets.

You can get more information on Twitter: How to Get Friends on Twitter


There are many good Friend Finder apps on the stores. You can download these apps and you can filter countries. You will find a few people from Antigua and Barbuda on those websites. See the best friend finder apps: Top 5 WhatsApp Friend Finder Applications on Play Store

Chat Sites – Dating Sites – Forums

You will find some chat sites, dating sites and forums which are related with Antigua and Barbuda below. You can google them.

Expat Exchange Forums

Expat Exchange Forums is an international platform but there are also a few users from Antigua and Barbuda. You can meet with them on those forums and you can ask anything about their country. You can also learn more about lifestyle, culture, etc.

We couldn’t detect a dating site or a chat site which are related with this country.

How to Make Friends from Antigua and Barbuda

Other Tips About Antigua and Barbuda

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  • also find alternative options below…
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