How to Make Friends from Angola

Angola is a large country of south part of Africa continent. If you would like to make friends from this country, this guide will help you for that on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. Angolans are generally speaking Portuguese language. If you know Portuguese, that will be a good advantage for you to meet these people on those websites, which we will recommend you below.

How to Make Friends from Angola on Internet

You can follow tips which we provide below to make friends from this country. However we always recommend you to find friends through Facebook. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please comment this page and we are going to answer you as soon as possible.

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To make friends from Angola on Facebook, you will need to login to your Facebook account. Then you will need to make a search. We recommend you to search the name of the country “Angola” first. This will help you to reach more people. After you make the search, please click on groups. You will able to see profiles on groups and you will able to join discussions. Check all profiles of the Angolan group and contact with someone which you like on the page.

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Twitter is also another good way to meet Angolans and you will need to do the similar steps with Facebook. Just search Angola on Twitter and take a look at latest research on this social networking service. You will see some profiles there. Click on them and begin to talk to new people.

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There are some good WhatsApp Friend Finder applications. You can use these applications to contact to people from Angola. You can take a look our top list to find friends through WhatsApp Messenger.

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Chat Sites – Dating Sites – Forums

Unfortunately Andorra hasn’t much local websites except Chat Angola. You can Google these social networking platforms below:


Expat is a crowded website and there are many people from Angola there. You can talk them on this forum and make new friends.

Chat Angola

Chat Angola is a dating website to meet Angolans. However there are not many online people there. If you would like to give a try to this website, you can easily register. However the website is in Portuguese language.

ChatHour Angola

ChatHour is a popular chat website. There are many online users on this text chat platform but there are not many people from Angola yet.

Our Tips for Angola

You can also take a look at our tips below for meet Angolan people on internet.

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