How to Make Friends from Afghanistan

If you would like to make friends from Afghanistan, you will need to know Persian, English, Pashto or Dari languages. Afghanistan’s official languages are Pashto and Dari. You can make friends from those countries easily through many websites on internet. We are going to tell you how to do that on this page for you. We hope that, they are going to be useful for you. Let’s begin to tell you how to meet those people on internet.

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Social Media

You can meet people from Afghanistan on social media too. You will need to use the following social media websites to meet people from Afghanista.


If you would like to meet people from Afghanistan on Facebook, you will need to make search on the website such as “Afghanistan”, “افغانستان‬”. (Without “) Search them on the Facebook and go to results on the search results. Go into a group and check members of the group through clicking on “Members” linki. You will able to messahe some of them.

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Twitter is another good opportunity for you to meet people from this country. Again you will need to search keywords which we have provided for you above. Search “Afghanistan”, “افغانستان‬” on the website and begin to look at latest results on Twitter. You can also search these keywords with hashtags.

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iOS and Android Messengers

You can also make friends from Afghanistan through iPhone and Android applications. You can also use these applications on your iPad and other Android tablets too.


As same as many other Asian countries, WeChat is also popular in the country. You can use WeChat to meet people from those countries. Nearby feature will be good for you if you are in that country. If you are not, we recommend you to give a try shake feature.


WhatsApp is another way to meet people from this country. You will need to add some random phone number for this or you will need to meet an Afghan through internet first for adding him/her through WhatsApp. You can give a try to our social media tips or chat tips to find people for adding to WhatsApp.

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Chat Sites

There are some chat sites that you can meet with Afghan people. We recommend you to be 16 year-old at the least to join these sites. If you have any questions regarding these sites please feel free to ask us. Which chat sites you can use to make friends from Afghanistan? See the list below!
1-) Omegle
2-) Afghan-Web
3-) Afghanetwork
4-) Watanchat
5-) Afghansite
6-) World Chat Online


You can make friends through writing too and making penpal friends is another good option to befriend people from Afghanistan. There are several good pen pal services to make friends from this country.

My Language Exchange

It is a good platform to make new penpal friends from whole around the world. You can also find people from Afghanistan on My Language Exchange.

Students of the World

Students of the World is a good website to make pen pals and you can join this website freely and check pen pal requests people from Afghanistan on this website.

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