How to Unban from an IRC Channel or Chat Room

remove ban irc channelDid you get ban from an IRC channel and you would like to remove the ban? We are going to give you information about how to do that on this page. If you are using dedicated IP for your internet connection, the things are going to be hard for you. You will need to set up some tools or you will need to download some free programs for it. However if you are not using an static IP or if you have alternative IP connections which you have provided from your internet service provider, the things will be easier for you. Let’s tell you how to unban from a IRC channel.

If You are Using Static IP, You will Need Download VPN Programs which will Change the IE Proxy

1-) VPN Services

Internet Explorer proxy system effects all your connection in your computer. You will need to change the proxy on this get a new IP. Channel bans are generally based on IP. Once you have banned from the channel, you will need a software or free program. We recommend Ultrasurf for this service. It is free and reliable and it is very easy to use. It changes Windows connection settings and set ups your proxy. You can also use three alternative connections with it. You can download Ultrasurf with clicking here.

2-) Alternative Static IP

Alternatively, you can clean all cookies from Internet Explorer and use your alternative static IP if you have one.

3-) Try Connect on Web Based IRC Chat Rooms

You can connect web based IRC chat rooms with VPN programs or VPN extensions.

How to Unban from Chat Room If You don’t Have Static IP

1-) Reconnect to Internet

If you don’t have a static IP, there are various ways to join the chat room that you have banned. If you would like to remove your ban from the channel, you need to not join the channel with same or similar nickname. Reset your internet connection and get a new connection IP.

That’s how you can remove your ban from a channel with your computer. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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