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Lycos Chat is a nice place and a chat room where you can meet people free. There is only one chat room on the website with many members. You can also search members of the website by gender, location, picture, online status, etc. The website is free to use and register. You can send private messages to people and can also receive messages from them. You can upload your picture, create a better profile for yourself to get more friends on the website. Lycos Chat has also other good features. You can see all these good features at the short video below.

Find a Female or Male Chat Friend on Lycos Chat

You can watch the video for how to find a female or male chat friend on the video below, if you do not watch the video and go on to tips with text, please scroll down.

     Chat Now   

If you would like find a female or chat friend on Lycos Chat, you should do steps below:

1-) Create an account on Lycos if you don’t have one yet.

2-) Login to your account.

3-) Click on “Find Chatter”.

4-) Don’t write anything to “Chatter Name”, select a gender, select age, select if you want to see her/his pictures and select online status.

5-) You will see all results after you click on “Start Search”. If you like anyone, keep her username in your mind.

6-) Click on green “Chat Now” button to enter to the free chat room of the website.

7-) Search for the user on the chat room and click her/his username, send a private tell her/him.

That’s it. You will able to use all these features freely on the website. There are also paid services of Lycos Chat too.

Features – Cons and Pros

These are some important features of Lycos Chat that you will like:

If you are seeking a text chat platform, Lycos Chat is going to be suitable for you. There is no video chat on the website or a similar service like video chat. You can also create a profile for yourself, so people will able to find you easily. This is also giving a good spirit to website. You can contact with people any age and any gender at anytime you want. This is one of the upsides. However the website doesn’t include a good private message system. You can talk to people through the main channel. This makes the website a little bit mess. The chat room has many online users from different countries of the world and that gives you advantage to make friends from all over of the world. It is nice to filter genders and ages. Since filtering options are very rare on random chat platforms, this website can be suitable for those who are looking to meet with only girls or only guys.

Users Countries on Lycos Chat

Lycos users are generally from England, Scotland, Wales, Peru, Indonesia and Northern Ireland. Every 6 people out of 10 will be from United Kingdom if you would like to chat with people on the website randomly. Every 3 people out of 100 is from Peru and Every 1 people out of 100 is from Indonesia. These are the highest possibilities at the moment. There will be smaller chance to meet people from other countries of the world.

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