icq teensICQ is one of the safest chat platforms whole on the world. There’s no camera chat, there’s no microphone chat and you don’t need to give your personal information nor register to site for chatting with strangers whole around the world. There’s only text chat. There are many Asian and North American users on chat room of the site. There are specific rooms for nations, ages and hobbies. There are generally many online users on the site where you can meet with many people. It’s completely free and you don’t need to pay for any feature on the site. There’s web based and IRC based chat of the site. If you are familiar with mIRC, you can connect to site with this program.

The site is quite safe for kids and teens and there are some rooms for them. If you are younger than 18 years old, you can join these rooms and you can meet with new friends and pen pals. If you are older and if you are seeking for partners, there are also suitable rooms on ICQ for you. You will love to chat with people on this site and you are getting new friends from other countries. There are many cute and friendly people on the site.

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How to Enter Teens Chat Room

It’s actually quite easy but all the same we are going to tell you if you are newbie on the site. Go to main page of the site and click on chats button. Click on Ages and select the best room for your age on the list. You should select teens on here. Enter a unique nickname for yourself. If you select an ordinary nickname for yourself, you will turn into “Guest” nickname again. So select something like “Gandalf43272”. It could be better for you. No registration required at all!

How to Talk with People on ICQ

It’s also quite easy to talk with people on the site, After you enter to chat room, you will see a list of nicknames in right sidebar. Select one of these nicknames and click twice. A new chat window will appear on chat board. Say him/her hello first and begin to talk with your partner. May be you become good friends in the future!

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