How to Download and Install mIRC to Computer

how to download install mircIf you would like to install mIRC to your computer, you will need to download the software from the official website of the program. We are going to tell you how to install it to your computer and give you download link of the software on here. mIRC is a free program that you can chat with people via only text chat. You can share files and send picture via mIRC. However ban system of the mIRC is more effective than other services and generally services don’t allow proxy connections. So it’s very hard to unban from mIRC services. Let’s tell you how to download the program and how to install it step by step. It won’t take too much time.

How to Download mIRC

  • Go to mirc.comhow to download mirc 1
  • You will see 3 green button on the main page of the site.
  • Click on “Download mIRC” buttonhow to download mirc 2
  • That’s all! Wait a few seconds until you download the software.

How to Install mIRC to Computer

  • After you are done with download click on the download box which is standing bottom of your to install mirc 1
  • Click on run button and you will see the setup wizard on your screen. Click on next in first to install mirc 2
  • Setup your destination folder for the mirc. If you don’t setup anything, the default path will be C:\Program Files\mIRC. After you set up the path, you can click on to install mirc 3
  • Select an installation type. We recommend “Full” installation for mIRC. After you select installation type for software click on “Next” button to install mirc 4
  • Select any other option which suits to your computer. These are optional installation settings. When you are done with settings, click on next:how to install mirc 5
  • Now You are ready to install click on install button and install mIRC to your computer:how to install mirc 6

If you don’t know how to use mIRC and how to connect to servers, you can find detailed information on that How to Chat Online!

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