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Religious chatting is very famous on internet and Christian chat rooms started to gain many online visitors. If you are looking for some chat rooms which is related with Christianity, you will find some options here. You will also find a list of users country. The list will show you to possibility to meet someone from those countries. If you have any suggestion for the list, you can comment here at the bottom of this page.

List of Christian Chat Rooms

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Christian Chat: Christian Chat is a chat room and also a forum that you can register. It is currently the best Christian Chat Room for meeting people from all over the world. Registration is not required for the chat room but for forums. You can also get an account for the chat room though. It is free. The chat room is a place where you can write to others, you can also talk to people room wide. You can take the microphone to do that on the main chat panel.

Locations of Chatters on Christian Chat: United States of America, Australia, India, Nigeria, Philippines.

Worthy Christian Chat: Worthy Christian Chat started to gain popularity quickly in Christian chat category recently. There are also forums of the website. It is free to use.

Locations of Chatters on Worthy Christian Chat: United States of America, France, Israel, South Africa, India.

Christian Chat Net: This is another chat platform where you can chat with Christians. However the popularity of the chat site is very low in internet world. We have still seen many active users on the website. The website has a nice text chat platform.

Locations of Chatters on Christian Chat Net: United States of America.

There are also some applications which you can use in your iOS and Android devices about Christian Chat. We are going to introduce them for you on How to Chat Online very soon.

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