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Chat Hour is one of the popular chat site where you will meet with people from any country of the world. International chat rooms are the best options for meeting with these people on the website. There are two kind of chat rooms on the website. Moderated and Unmoderated version. Moderated one is have moderators on the chat room. You may get ban from the channel if you don’t obey terms and rules of Chat Hour.  If you are already get banned, you can click here to learn how to remove ban from the website. However unmoderated one is unlimited. You will able to talk about any subject you want on this channel. You are not going to get banned from this conversation platform at all. You are free!

Registration is not required for international chat rooms but we recommend you to get an account. If you register an account on Chat Hour, you will able to see other users pictures and profiles on the site. You will able to sen private messages to people. All these features are free on on the website. While you are talking to people on international chat rooms, you will want to see people’s pictures. Registration will help you to do that. Registration process is very short on the website. Besides you will able to talk to people with a nickname. If you talk to people as a guest on the website your nickname will look like  It will show a part of your IP.

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