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20 something channel girlsICQ is one of the best IRC based chat platforms on Internet. You will able to talk with many girls and guys on this chat platform and they will be around of your age. There are people on the site who are about 20-29 years old. If you are around of these ages, you will able to meet with new people on the site. But If you are older, we don’t recommend you to use this chat room. There are also another room for you if you are older than 29 years old or if you are younger than 18 years old. If you are younger than 18, there are rooms for teens. If you are younger than 29 years old, there are rooms as 30 something, 50 something and 40 something. You can use these rooms.

If you want to start a dating with a girl or guy, this site will be quite suitable for you. There are generally people from different countries on the site. You can also get new friends and you can meet with people from different cultures. It’s very easy to chat on the room because it’s an IRC based site. IRC is one of the oldest chat system of the world. If you are new with chatting, you will find a good information about how to chat on this channel.

 How to Chat On Web Based Channel

You don’t need to register  for chatting on web-based channel of 20 Something. After you enter to main page of ICQ, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Click on Chatrooms button.
  • Click on Age groups link.
  • Click on 20 Something.

After you click on the channel, enter a nickname and click connect. After server’s load, you will join the channel automatically. Select a nickname from right side bar and begin to chat with them.

How to Chat on mIRC

mIRC is one of the most popular client whole in the world and you can download this program from many sites. If you search it on google, you are going to get many results. After you download and run the mIRC you should follow these sites.

Command for connect to IRC server of the site:

Type text area:

/server irc.icq.com

After you enter to server you will need to join to chat room:

Type text area:

/join #20_something

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