iOS Random Chat

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We are going to add other iOS random chat apps which are requested to be add 500 times by our visitors.


iOS Random Chat Apps

If you are using an iOS device, you can use one of those iOS random chat apps above. Most of them are free to use and some of them have limited features but all of them are very useful . You can meet with your opposite gender on most of those iOS applications we suggested. You can download all of them free.

If you would like to use Omegle on a iOS device please see: Omegle Video For iPhone and Alternatives

Random Chat Apps for iPhone

All applications we introduced for you are working on iPhone. They are compatible and safe to use. There are different features of those applications like nearby random chat, random chat with gender filter, random chat with shaking phone, etc. You can see all of those features below. Some of those applications are already have geolocation steps.

Random Chat Apps for iPad

You can random chat with people on iPad and begin to make new friend with the help of those iOS random chat apps. They are free and you can use most of them on your iPads. However some applications which are requiring phone number registry doesn’t allow iPad at times. You can see our guide for WeChat on here: Can You Install WeChat on iPad?


Tinder is an application where you can chat with people nearby. You can see their pictures which uploaded by them and decide to talk about them. If you would like to use the application globally, you will need to pay for that. It is one of the best iOS Random Chat applications at the moment. Tinder filter genders automatically. Tinder is also asking for phone number to register to the system. If you will annoy to give your number to a dating/random chat app, you will need to pass this. You can find many online people for international and local dating on Tinder. If you have banned from Tinder, you can see our solutions to how to get unbanned from Tinder.


Holla doesn’t have any website but it is only iOS random chat app. The application is also available on Play store. It is free to download and use the application. It is providing random video chat feature for their users at the moment. There are large amount of users who are using Holla app on App Store.


Chatous is also another good iOS random chat application. The application has already a website for random chat and also an alternative on Play Store. It is free to download the application. It was providing text chat in the past, it doesn’t exist anymore. Chatous is asking for payment for gender filter option on the app.

Chat for Strangers

Chat for Strangers is a good alternative of all those applications above and they got more than 4 star score from App Store reviews. It is a good review point for an iOS app. You can also use this iOS random chat application free on your iPhone and iPad devices.


WeChat is an interesting application which is providing many different features for their users. It is also good messaging app for iOS devices. It is also good application for random chat and dating. There are two features that you can use on WeChat. One of these features is Shake. With WeChat Shake, you can meet people from different countries of the world. You are shaking your phone and you are meeting with a person who is shaking her/his phone at the same time with you. The other feature is WeChat People Nearby. If you want to talk to people who are living close to you, you can use WeChat People Nearby. Both features are making WeChat an awesome iOS random chat app. The app is also available for Symbian, Nokia, Windows Phone, Android, Mac, Windows operating systems.


MeetMe is another good dating chat app which is similar with Tinder. However there is not any random chat on the app. Since it is very useful to meet with new people, we wanted to add the app to our iOS Random Chat list.