Unable to Activate WeChat Account on iPhone

Nowadays activating a WeChat account can be really a pain and creating a new account is not that easy if you are not living in China. One of our visitors has told us that he is unable to activate WeChat account on his iPhone device. We will provide some solutions for him on here. We hope that this article will guide him to activate the account. If you are having a similar problem on your iPhone, we also recommend you to use this guideline.

How to Activate WeChat Account

Since our visitor didn’t give too much information about the question, we are going to provide separate solutions to fix this problem below. You can select one of these solutions and fix the problem related to the WeChat.

Sign Up Problems

If you are having problems with the signup, you will need to check the tutorial which we provided below. You will able to fix sign up problems with that and you will able to use your account once more. However, if WeChat asking you for a friend to register, we recommend you to check the related tutorial about it.

Can’t Sign Up to WeChat

Friend Verify

Friend verification is also another problem which will block your account activation. You will generally face this problem if you do suspicious behaviors according to WeChat. What are these suspicious behaviors?

  • Using simulators is going to be a violation of WeChat terms and rules.
  • Using proxies or VPN services during to use of the application.
  • Changing the country or location of the phone from the settings.
  • WeChat can also misunderstand if you visit abroad.

Get More Information: WeChat Asking a Friend to Verify Account

Unable to Activate WeChat Account on iPhone

SMS Code Retrieval Problems

SMS code retrieval problems are generally occurring because of your phone networks. Please ensure that your service provider hasn’t blocked SMS service to China.  If your service provider didn’t do it, you will need to check the settings of your phone and see if you can receive SMS.

Didn’t Recieve SMS Code from WeChat

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