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Do you want to meet people from different countries of the world? You can find out some talk to stranger applications on this page and you can meet girls and guys from different countries of the world. These applications are generally free and some of them may require you to pay a small amount of fee. We have tested most of them for you and we are going to provide a screen shot for each application for you here. So you will able to understand how do applications look like. You need to be 17 or higher age to use all these services. We recommend you to stay away from the applications if you are younger or you can still use parental guide while you are using your iPhone.

There are many good text and video chat applications with many language support on App Store. So you can use many of these apps in your own language. They are generally easy to use. There are generally many online people on the softwares which we will recommend for you on here. So it’s going to be easy for you to meet girls and guys and you will make friends from whole around the world. Let’s start  to introduce them for you! These are some good talk to strangers apps that you can meet people on iPhone. These are free:

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Talk to Stangers App for iPad, iPhone and iPod

1-) A++ Dating Chat App : You can download this application from AppStore. It’s a dating chat app which will allow you to meet girls and guys. There are 3 language supports in the application. English, Japenese and Vietnamese. It requires iOS 7.0.

2-) Allure Chat: It’s a paid service but you can still download it with a small fee. There’s a fee for being VIP member and using the software completely. It supports only English language and it’s a dating service like A++.

3-) ALO – Social Video Chat: Some features are paid on this application. You can slide people pictures on this application and you can call people with video chat if you like their picture.

4-) Amoureux Rencontres Gratuites: It’s an application from France but there’s also an English support for this app. You can chat with people from whole around the world, you can send them messages, like their photos, etc. It’s free and it requires your device to have iOS 6.1.

5-) Azar Video Chat: You can meet girls and guys from different locations and countries with this application and you can chat with them with your camera instantly. You can sign in with your Facebook account and you can search only girls or guys from any country you want… It supports French, English, German, Turkish languages. You need to have iOS 8.0 in your device for using this app. This app will help you to talk to female strangers.

6-) B Messenger Video Chat: There are chat rooms where you can meet people on this application. You can add them as a friend and you can call them, text them and video chat with them. It requires you to have iOS 4.3 only.

7-) BabbleChat: Do you want to chat with closest stranger with you? So you will able to do that on BabbleChat. All you need to do is taking a photo and share it with strangers who are nearby to you. If they care about what you share, they are going to talk you. It requires iOS 7.0.

8-) Babel Chat: It’s a chat room which you can find many online people from different countries of the world. You can chat with them with text, you can see their genders and profile photos. It requires iOS 5.0.

9-) Banter Chat: Banter Chat is another good application where you can meet people from different countries. There are many online chat rooms. It’s a good talk to stranger application. It supports only text conversations. You need to have iOS 7.0 in your device.

10-) Bazar : Do you want to talk about on subject. You can do it on Bazar. There’s always many online people on this application who you can talk. Bazar supports English and Russian languages and you need to have iOS 7.0 in your device. Text chat only…

11-) Local Chat: Local chat is a good application which helps you to chat with people who are living near of you. It’s using GPS location service and you can use text while you are talking to people. You need to have iOS 3.0 at the least in your device. It’s a good application for iPhone.

12-) LOVOO: LOVOO is a good talk to strangers application and it’s one of the most popular one. You can connect people who are near of you and you can make friends who are living close to you. You can send pictures and share your status on this app. You need to have iOS 7.1 in your device at the least.

13-) U-Chat Messenger: U-Chat Messenger is allowing you to chat with strangers from whole around the world. Especially from Monglia. If you ever want to talk to Mongolian girls, we recommend this application for you. There are two language options for this app. English and Mongolian.

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You can use all these applications for Apple products such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. Some of services are requiring fee from their customers. Some of them are also requiring cash for some VIP accounts. You can download all these applications from App Store. You can ask us question related those applications.

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