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Omlet Chat app has the best performance with iOS when you compare with other operating system performance of the application. You can use this application freely with your iPhone or iPad. It’s 100% free. You can share locations, chat with your friends, share status and pictures on Omlet Chat. If you would like to have a text chat application without video calling and audio calling. We recommend this application for you. However since application doesn’t have these features, our stars will be dropped on our Omlet Chat review. The good new is video calling is coming soon.

Omlet Chat app for iOS is a good chat application but when you compare it with similar messenger and chat apps, its lack of some features. However we are expecting great changes on Omlet Chat at incoming updates. They have already acknowledge that they are working on some new features. AppMocha team also waiting for these updates and we are watching this application closely at the moment because it’s quite promising app with great interface.

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  • Text chat with your friends.
  • Share your status with your friends.
  • There’s a quite good social networking system on the app.
  • Share your locations.
  • Send pictures while chatting with your friends or share pictures on your profile.
  • Users have picture galleries on the app.
  • Add your social network and phone contacts.
  • There’s a limited nearby chat feature.
  • Create your own stickers.
  • Store your own Omlet Chat app dates on a selected cloud system.
  • You can use application on iPod Touch and iPad. It’s compatible with any iOS devices.
  • Supports many languages.
  • You can meet people with Omlet Arcade
  • The application is also available for Android.


  • There’s not video calling service on Omlet Chat app.
  • There’s not audio calling service.
  • There’s no feature for meet new people. You can still meet some people and chat with them on Omlet Arcade but that’s not what we are looking for…
  • Nearby chat is very limited and not good if you want to meet people nearby.
  • Sometimes there can be login error on the app.

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