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اغاني وطنية اماراتيهMusic National Emirati (اغاني وطنية اماراتيه) is a music and chat application where you can meet people from United Arab Emirates with your iPhone and other iOS devices. The application is providing many good stuffs for you. You can listen many kind of music in this application and you can talk to people from United Arab Emirates. The application is in Arabic language. So if you don’t know Arabic, we don’t recommend you to use this application since you won’t able to understand anything. However if you know the language, you will enjoy with usage of this application in your smartphone. The application is paid and there is no free version of it. If you would like to use this app, you will need to pay about 2,99 dollars for one time. Registration is not required for use the app or use the chat service.

Update: This application is not available on App Store now.

Features of Music National Emirati Chat App

These are features of the application:

  • You can listen Arabic music.
  • You can chat with people from United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.
  • Available for iOS 3.0 or higher.
  • Application size is 25,4 MB.
  • Application language is Arabic. It doesn’t support any other language yet.
  • The app hasn’t get any vote from users yet. There is also no comment about the app.

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