Do you want to send free sms to a Beeline user with an application on your iPhone device and you are living in Armenia? You can do that with the mobile apps for you which we will recommend in this page for you.

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Agent is a quality chat app which is awesome product of Mail.Ru. You can use this application freely and you can send free SMS to Beeline users of Armenia. It’s free to send. However if your friend wants to reply your SMS with his/her mobile phone, he/she will need to pay for it. If your friend replies to your SMS, he will need to pay 45 Armenian Drams for it. You can still send SMS freely with Agent app. If your friends need to know something, this app will help you to do that immediately. You can also send free SMS to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine with this app.

Unfortunately Agent doesn’t support any other GSM operator services on Armenia but only Beeline. If Agent makes any update about this situation we will let you know immediately. You will able to contact with your friends, family and your colleagues with Agent app.

Agent app is also help you to communicate with your friends by video calling and audio calling features. There’s also text chat feature of the app.

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