Free iOS SMS Applications for Sending SMS to Russia

Would you like to send free SMS to Russia? You can easily do that with some apps on iOS. We are going to introduce you these applications and you will able to use these services freely. There will be also a list of Russian GSM operators which you will able to use these free services.

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Free iOS SMS Applications for Sending SMS to Russia


Agent is a free SMS app and a messenger and a chat app. You will able to use many features with this app. You can send free SMS to Russia and your Russian friends will able to answer you immediately. If your friends reply your SMS, it will cost for them. However you won’t need to pay for it at all if you send SMS with Agent. It’s very useful application if you would like to reach your contacts who is living in Russia. You will save your money and credits on your phone.

Russian GSM operators for Agent

  • Beeline (Also available on Armenia too.)
  • MTS
  • Utel
  • MegaFon
  • Tele2
  • ETC
  • NCC
  • STC

Agent is supporting these Russian GSM operators at the moment. If there will be any change or update, we will let you know about situation. You can send free sms to these GSM operators with Agent app.

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