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Do you have a iPhone and you would like to chat with people from Albania with your device? There are not any application which providing chat service for you on App Store, however there is one site which is allowing you to meet people from Albania in some chat rooms. is providing service for those who wants to chat with their Android and iOS devices. That will be easy for you communicate with people on the website and you will able to make many friends from Albania.  The website is very easy to use however it won’t be easier than a normal chat site with your pc. So we recommend you to not to expect much. It won’t be handy like a normal application.

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Albanian Chat Applications That You can Use iPhone

There is not any application which is located in App Store for that. However if you have built an application for that or if you know any application for Albanian chat, you can let us know with commenting this page. We will review it for you and place your application on this page.

Chat Sites That You can Chat with Albanian

There is only one website which supports to iPhone and it is It is a free website and no registration required to use it. You will enjoy to meet new people on this website. You can also use this website with other iOS devices. No requirements for the device or iOS. However you will need Google Chrome for it.

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