Who views your Instagram story?

Instagram is a well-known social media platform where you can share photos and videos from your phone. Particularly the young generation is obsessed with this app. They are so obsessed that they do dangerous things just to post photos. Announced that they have the highest number of active users, surpassing all other popular applications in recent years. So why do people use this app so much? Let’s examine it together.

Instagram application has a certain algorithm. What these young people are doing is actually trying to be a celebrity that fulfills the requirements of this algorithm. Because although fame is something that is done and successfully achieved, nowadays everyone has a chance to be famous on Instagram. In fact, even brands, when collaborating, consider the number of followers and views of the person they choose for product promotion or to be the face of the product.

But how can we see the number of views of the story and who viewed it?

This is one of the nice features that the Instagram application offers us. When we share a story in our account, everybody will be able to see it if your account is not private. If your account is private, only your accepted friends can see your posts and stories. The steps you need to take to see who has seen your story share are very simple. Firstly you need to open your shared story. Later that, swipe up the screen for your viewers. There’s also a section that shows how many people have viewed it so far. If you do not want the people watching your story share to look at it, you can block it from the story settings and set a restriction so that it does not see your other shares. Now it is time to update your story features.

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