Popular Instagram Tags to Share Photos

In Instagram, you can add hashtags to under your images. For example, if you take a picture of in a rainy day and share it in your instagram, you can share it with other users. Such as #rainyday or #rain. However you need to find out the most popular tags about rain first or relevant popular tag with your photos. You will need to make a few search in the application for that.

How to Use Tags Effectively

The number of tags you use in your shares and the words in your tags are entirely your choice. Using the right tags of for your photos will increase your visibility. As we have mentioned in the example above, for a picture in a rainy day, using tags like #rain, #rainyday or #umbrella will be good options. However if you ever use #withfriends or something like that, that won’t be a relevant share.

Top Popular Instagram Tags to Share Pictures

I would like to expand ideas by giving a few examples of recently used popular tags (hashtags). #love hashtag is used a lot recently and with the right use of this tag, you can get too many followers. Followers of this tag are also numerous and usually has a very intensive circulation. It would be good for your profile to have your share on this tag. It will also make people to look at your other shares. Thus, you can increase your number of followers quickly through #love.


#instagood is also another generic tag that you can use for your daily shares. If you want your shares to be seen by people, place this tag under your pictures.

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#instadaily. You can share your status and things about recent days on this tag. It’s always a pleasure to reflect your mode, though not always. This is one of the frequently used tags. A functional tag that you can add to all your photos that you can use, such as a summary of your day.


#friends. This tag also very active in the instagram world. When you check popular Instagram accounts, they generally use this tags with a photo with their friends. You should have photos with your friends and add this tag to the bottom. You will also get followers and active visits to your profile with using this tag.


#foodporn. This label is gained popularity in instagram. There are even some accounts that they only share their own food pictures and record their videos when they eat. Many people are also enjoy to see those pictures. The food is a huge sector, and you’ll especially enjoy sharing new dishes you’ve tried, photographing a new cake you’ve made…

#like4like & #follow4folllow

#like4like & #follow4folllow. Regardless of the content you share, you are going to get followers with this hashtag. However these tags are generally for mutual follows. It means if someone follows you, then you will need to follow that individual. If you don’t follow, they are going to stop following you sometime later.


#healthylife. This tag is including full of photos of fit people, who take care of a healthy diet. You will often see contents and pictures about sports. When you check this tag, you will definitely decide to make a healthy life plan. If you want to use this tag, I would recommend the water bottle and earphones as the concept.


#instatravel. Here you will go to one of the most fun tags. The vacation accounts are both fun and very instructive. You can share pictures of places that you visited on this hashtag. You can get negative comments and reviews at times but better if you ignore them. You will have a huge amount of followers with such contents near soon.


#technology. Technology is also another hashtag which is very popular on Instagram. If you share photos on this tag, it will make your shares visible on the application. However you will need to find interesting content for this hashtag because only unknown tech elements get attentions of people.


#fashion. If you are a good fashion follower, you can also share photos in this hashtag. This is one of the most popular Instagram tags. I recommend you to follow some fashion designers and brands if you are interested to share photos on this hashtag.


#music. Music is a part of our lives and it is probably the most popular tag of Instagram. You can share pictures related with music and get attention of people. Especially if you can play an instrument, this is going to be awesome option for you to share photos.


#selfie. If you love to take selfie pictures with your mobile device, this popular Instagram tag is perfect for you. Almost everyone is using this label on Instagram at the moment. This is going to be a good opportunity if you are creative while you are taking selfies.


#happy. This tag is also used people very oftenly on Instagram. When you have an happy moment, you can share the picture of it through this tag and you can be more viewable on the app. Some people love to see smiling faces on social media. This is also one of the most popular Instagram tags.

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