How to Open IG Account

We have already provided correct definition of IG Account for you recently. If you would like to have an account on this app, this tutorial is going to help you. You can open IG account in a few seconds with the guidance of us now. If you have any questions related opening an account. You can feel free to ask us.

How to Open IG Account

  • Download Instagram from App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Run the application on your phone.
  • Tap on Sign Up.
  • Enter correct information to the registration fields.
  • You also need to submit your phone number.
  • Confirm your phone number.
  • Begin to use IG Account.

This is how you can open IG account on iOS and Android devices. You can begin to share your pictures after you confirm your account. You can also create your account with your Facebook account. However if you even create an account with Facebook, you will need to confirm your phone number again.

Can You Open IG Account without Phone Number?

You can open IG account without an actual phone number. You can try virtual phone services for that. However we recommend you to not to have this accounts permanently. Don’t also share your own pictures with virtual phone numbers. Because someone can easily get your account. Especially if you are using a public/shared phone number.

How to Open IG Account

Can I Open Account with PC?

The basic answer of this question is no. However if you would like to open account through PC, there are ways to do it. There are free Android emulators on internet. You can download one of these free services and you can open account with emulator. You will still need a phone number to create it though. Alternatively you can use virtual phone numbers as we have mentioned above.

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