How To Market On Instagram: 40 Ideas, Tips & Examples

A total of more than 500 million people use Instagram daily. This indicates there is a lot of scope for the creator economy. It is better to be on the creator side of the market.

Instagram is a good place to run marketing strategies to get the greatest spot in your desired niche market.

You may use its features and capabilities to get started on your marketing journey and see the results of your efforts as soon as feasible.

It all depends on the type of activity or business you’re promoting on Instagram.


List of Instagram Marketing Tips:

  • Business Account

Create a business account before you hop on Instagram marketing. Turn your profile into a complete business account.

  • Set Your Goals

Instagram is not for everyone. Before starting on Instagram,  set your goals straight and act upon them. You do not get instant results, so it is better to plan long-term goals.

  • Tools 

Canva and Hootsuite are examples of free Instagram tools. You may run some analytics and produce appealing content using these tools.

  • Instagram Stories

Brands can use stories to record behind-the-scenes insider content that may not be as “high-quality” as regular content.

  • Influencers

If you want to reach out to potential customers on the platform, the quickest option is to work with influencers who already have a huge following.

  • SEO

To improve your SEO, use keywords. Using the same terms and phrases in your posts and profile will increase your “ranking.”

  • Run Giveaways

Bring the audience to participate in a giveaway contest and make sure they follow you. It ensures more engagement for your account.

  • Brand Aesthetic

Have a brand aesthetic or theme through your posts that represent your brand. Also, it conveys your sense of discipline.

  • Live Interactions

Occasionally, go live on Instagram and show your followers that you care to address their queries.

  • Hashtag Research

Do not dump irrelevant hashtags only to gain attention; it doesn’t work that way. Using only the right hashtags boosts engagement.

For example, if it is a food-related post, use #brunch #vancity eats, etc.

  • Comment More Often

Comment on relevant and local posts. This way, you connect with the people working towards the same goal.

  • Get Inspired

Instead of comparing your Instagram handle with other handles, draw inspiration and learn how frequently they post.

  • Respond

Do not just post and wait for the moment to blow your account. Respond to comments and direct messages so that your audience feels connected.

  • Repost

You can post content on your stories created by other users by giving credit to the original owner. It gives your audience an idea of your interests.

  • Collaborate

People escape competition with collaboration. This is a healthy way to eliminate the superiority complex. 

  • Work With Brands

Who said Instagram is only about putting out about your life! You can make a living out of it by working with your dream brands.

  • Reach Out

As the saying goes “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”, reach out to brands by cold messaging to work with them.

  • Paid Partnerships

Paid partnerships are another great way to collaborate and market other brands on your profile.

  • Set A Tone

This enables you to decide the kind of content you intend to post.

For instance, your content can follow a storytelling approach.

  • Keep Track

The best way to find out what your audience wants is by keeping a track of the statistics. There are various free tools to discern this.

  • Take Help

Take help from big accounts from the same niche to brand marketing on Instagram.

  • Instagram Grid

Instagram is a visual medium; thus, the looks of your account are crucial. Make sure your Instagram posts are in synchronization and appear connected.

That is why it is essential not to ignore the looks of your Instagram profile as a whole.

  • IGTV

Make the most of IGTV when it comes to marketing to post long-form videos. Another benefit is it builds trust. 

  • Update And Upgrade

Keeping the profile up to date and learning the new changes is essential. Also, keep updating your profile by cleaning the posts you feel are outdated.

  • Analytics

Use some tools to enhance your brand presence.

  • Facebook Groups

Use Facebook groups to your advantage. Many Facebook groups will assist you in spreading your content in exchange for likes.

  • Profile Picture

The average number of people click on a profile, after looking at the profile picture. This makes it vital to have an alluring profile picture.

  • Imaginative captions

Marketing necessitates the creation of inventive and inspiring subtitles. Your caption should be concise, clear, and simple to read.

  • Noble Cause

Partner with organizations that work for a noble cause and promote them to gain a loyal audience.

  • Reflect The Emotion

Understand your customer’s intention. All you have to do is tell your customers the focus of your brand.

  • Fill in the Missing Pieces

If you have a blog, linking to your account will help you get more traffic. You may also include links to your social media profiles on other platforms for cross-promotion.

  • Do not Over Post

Maintain consistency but do not post every hour. Post in the peak hours of your country.

  • Instagram Advertising

Instagram is not only an editing tool but also an Ad Maker. Use Instagram’s tool to stand out from the crowd.

  • User-generated content

This can include a brand requesting their supporters to create and share content while doing something specific, usually while using their product.

  • Use Highlight Feature

Here you can save the most loved story by your audience/popular story and also your customer’s testimonials in the highlights to establish trust.

  • Mix Colors And Themes

Make your brand’s primary colors stand out on your Instagram account. To convey the vibe of your brand to your business profile, use the colors from your logo or packaging.

  • Photographs with artwork or illustrations

It can be tedious and dull to rely solely on visuals and movies. Increase your profile’s visual attractiveness, and go above and beyond.

  • Quality Pictures

People will not jump directly onto your brand unless the photos captivate them. Invest in the best camera to click pictures of your products.

  • Have A Tagline

End every video with a single line or tagline that enables people to recognize your brand with it.

  •  Improve 

Instagram is nothing but visual communication, and improving your account visuals doesn’t happen overnight. Take help from third-party apps that make your work easier.


Instagram marketing is easy but needs extreme efforts to improve every day. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to leveraging Instagram for marketing. It is entirely based on the previously-established marketing objectives.

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