How to Get more Followers in Instagram

You need to be a good instagram user and you will need to follow some facts if you want to be followed by people. These facts are of course not written, but experiences and stats prove that these facts are important for Instagram. In this article we will explain the elements that will help you increase the number of followers in Instagram. So let’s start with our first and most important fact…

Create original content.

The original content means that your content should be unique, it should be yours and it should not be scraped. A content that meets this criteria is unique. Even though your content is not very popular, people are going to be more appreciated with that than a copy content. Producing original content requires time and effort. However you will earn your reward at the end.

Create a specific concept, giving the spirit.

Your shares should be unique as we have mentioned above.. Share your feelings with people and improve your influence. People should feel your thoughts and your current status with your shares. It is also very important to give of your creative content to people. It will help you to increase your followers.

Add right Instagram tags to your shares.

You will need to add right tags to your shares. If you add irrelevant tags to your creative work, this will disturb people instead of liking it. So we recommend you to share your articles, pictures, content with relevant tags. Those labels (tags) are also important for you to get relevant followers to your account. Otherwise you can lose those followers by time.

Reply to comments on your posts.

Being social is the key fact for your Instagram account and it is also key for getting more followers on this social network. As the number of followers increases, some instagram account owners are giving up to answer comments on their shares. However this is not recommended at all. Make feel people that they are important with your answers. Also show them their thoughts are important for you. Drawing a cold image for your Instagram account will affect number of your visitors. You can also lose many of your followers because of this. Answer your followers nicely and kindly. Stay away from aggressive attitudes.

Your Instagram account has grown over time and it will be popular on the app. In this case, you will begin to run advertorial content for your account. However, instead of evaluating all ad requests, you should consider the offer that will not compromise the quality of your account and content on Instagram. While you are providing sponsored content on your account, you shouldn’t pay too much attention to offers. You should promote those contents with natural ways as much as you can…

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What Kind of sponsored contents you should accept?

If a sponsored content is not relevant with your account, your followers are not going to like it. This will make a negative impact to your account. You can also lose many followers because of promoting a wrong product on your account.  Don’t forget that the reason of those ad offers are just your followers… If you lose them, you can never promote a product on your account. However if you promote right and relevant products on your account, this can even help you to increase number of followers on your account.

Avoid purchasing fake followers.

Fake followers are generally passive and they don’t help you to be popular on Instagram. It is because they won’t like your shares nor they will comment. So they won’t help you to promote your creative works on Instagram. You will need to gain real followers on the app. Fake followers will also stop following you soon after they have installed to your account.  This can be also negative impact for your account too. You can buy Instagram likes as an alternative if you need instant results.

How to Get more Followers in Instagram

Share daily.

We also recommend you to use Instagram frequently and make your shares daily as it is a part of your life. This will help you to gain more followers too. Stay up to date and follow incidents on the world. Share your thoughts about those incidents. You will need to focus on news to gain followers from whole around the world.

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