How to Add Music on Instagram Story

You already know that you can share fun and interesting photos of your current moment by using the story sharing part of the Instagram application. Well, but did you know that you can make this story more fun with your music taste while uploading it to the system? The Instagram application is constantly updating itself, trying to provide a better service to its users. These updates are sometimes made on the addition of new features and sometimes on improving the activities that already exist. Instagram offers a lots of song their system but you are able choose a song from your own library as well or if you want you can music streaming services, like Spotify or SoundCloud.

Let’s find out how to add it:

You can add a song to your story using Instagram’s library. To add a story, tap on the plus icon on the main page. then scroll to Story option which plays on the bottom navigation bar. Then you open the story section, select a photo or a video that you wish. Apply whatever filters you want it. When you’re ready to add a song to your story, tap on the Sticker icon. When you open this page, you will see the Music icon. From the Music screen, you can find the different sections and genres of a tune. Also, you can use the search option to for particular music by song, artist, or album. After that, tap the Play button to hear a short clip. You will have the opportunity to scroll through the song. Later that, you need to choose which part of the song will play over your story. Some songs of the songs offer multiple images so ,to change it you need to tap on the Picture. Some even offer lyrics that appear on the screen. When you are done with this, tap Done option. This is very easy guide for you to follow.

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