How can I delete a comment on Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that appeals to a wide audience. Thus, it has many different backgrounds of people inside of the system. However some of them are great users which use the social media for beneficial. But there are also lots of user that trying to harm other person by attacking on comments or sending messages through social media in the system. If you have experienced this bad situation, you can block them or delete their messages or comments. Let’s find out how you are going to delete irritating comments on your post:
In the first step, you must open the Instagram App on your phone. It can be both android or IOS. Then you open your profile page, and tap to the photo that you want to delete the comment on it. When you opened your post tap on the comment symbol and choose the comment which is going to deleted. In Ios, you can swipe it through left. This will delete the comment but for android you must tap on the comment and choose the delete option.

When you delete the comments you cannot see them anymore there is no return from it. Also you can delete more than ones at the same time by choosing the ones you want to get rid of and tap on the garbage symbol. This is really easy task to do, plus if you do not want to see the user you can check out our other content we examine for blocking.


Can I Hide The Comments

Sometimes our relatives can comment our post but we do not want this comment to everybody.because of that Instagram gave us a chance to hide it. If you hide a comment section, nobody will send a comment to your photos or you can able to set the system for inappropriate, offensive comments. If you set it you will not see any irritating comments on your page.

To hide your comments follow these step by step guide.

Firstly open your instagram account and then press on the profile picture which placed in corner of the page. Later that find the three horizontal lines. This section will show you Settings. Tap on the settings and open privacy page. You will be able to change the comments settings in here. You can hide it or you can only hide the offensive comments.

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