Do You Go to Jail for Making a Fake Instagram Account?

Fake accounts can be problematic at some situations. A user of us was curious about this situation and he asked us if he goes to jail for making a fake Instagram account. We are going to give you information on this and tell you what situations will make you criminal with a fake accounts. We have already mentioned about similar situations on How to Chat Online before for Facebook fake accounts. You can also take a look at for Facebook.

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Do You Go to Jail for Making a Fake Instagram Account?

The answer of this question is yes and no. It depends what did you do with the Fake account… Did you impersonate someone with same personal data with him? Or you just create a fake account with an image which has no copyright on it?… Let’s see what is criminal and what is not…

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You can be charged by court at these situations

  • Stealing an individual’s picture and create an account with that.
  • Using the same personal data.
  • Making some false statement in the name of others.
  • Hurting someone’s reputation via comments and pictures.
  • Behaving like individual and asking cash from them for fraud.
  • Pretending like an owner of a brand and making deals.

These are some situations that will make you in trouble. You can ask us if you have any questions about this. By the way these are generally common laws in some countries. This situation can change anytime.

You will be in safe with these situations

  • Finding a picture for your profile which has no copyright on it.
  • Avoiding make false statements for someone else.
  • Staying away from fraud(s).

That is all you need to do… We also recommend you to stay away those crimes which we have told you in the second paragraph.

Do You Go to Jail for Making a Fake Instagram Account?

Do You Go to Jail?

For most of crimes, you will be charged with fines… However if you try fraud with a fake account, you will go to jail in most those countries. Please write a comment for you questions, if you are curious about your situation.

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