How to Find Instagram Account of a Girl You Know

People use their names for instagram usernames very often. But sometimes it is not possible to have those usernames because many people have the same name. When this is issue occured on the app, users can remove the last letter of their name or place a dot between the first and last name… This is how generally people do, when there is a same username on the app.

How to Find Instagram Account of a Girl You Know

You can do the following steps to find Instagram account of a girl… Our example name is “Azul Montevidemo” in the steps below. Please replace this name with the girl that you are looking for… Go to other step if one of those tips don’t work for you.

  • You will need to search with first name + second name first: azulmontevidemo.
  • Now you will need to remove a letter from the second name: azulmontevidem.
  • Try search without vowels: azlmntvdm
  • Remove vowels from the first name: azlmontevidemo
  • Or you can also search with remove vowels from second name: azulmntvdm or azulmntvdmo
  • If any of those steps didn’t work for you, try find a common friend and check his/her followers.

How to Search with Name

Finding the person you are looking for can be difficult in such situations. When searching, you should first try the combination of first and last names. Examine all accounts that come up in search results and make sure that one of these accounts is for the girl you’re looking for. The information you wrote in the biographies of the accounts will also give you tips. It will make you understand about the identity of the account. Make sure you know if there is a nickname that the person you are looking for.  If she is using this nick very often, this will be a good option for you to search it. If all your searches are unsuccessful, you need to go a little deeper.

How to Find Instagram Account of a Girl You Know

How to Find Common Friends

Friends have always been the best trick to reach person that you are looking for. You can search for a common friends of you on internet or a relative of the girl who you try to find Instagram account. You can also try to find those people with the steps above. Once you have find a common friend account, add him/her as a friend. Try take a look at his/her followers to find Instagram account.

The best way to reach someone’s Instagram account is common friends. Otherwise it will be very hard to find an account without common friends. As we have told you, you can also try add dot between name and surname, remove last letter of the surname or remove vowels from the name.

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