How to Downsize Pictures for Instagram

If you would like to downsize pictures for Instagram, it is quite easy. You will need to install another application for this since there is not any online editor for mobile devices yet. Existing ones don’t downsize pictures accurately and this won’t be good for your accounts. Let’s begin to tell you how to do that on Instagram. If you have any other question regarding this, please let us know. We will give you more information about downsizing photos for Instagram.

Let’s start our guideline.

Download a Picture Editor from Downsizing

We recommend you to use a picture editor application which will help you to use better pictures on your account. Online service providers are not generally downsizing photos accurately.

Recommended app for downsize pictures for Instagram

We recommend Photo & Picture Resizer for this. This application has already a online picture editor tool on the web. It is working with Flash. You will find many tools for resizing your pictures on Instagram on the app.

We also recommend Image Size for App Store.

Download from App Store: Image Size

Download from Google Play Store: Pixlr on Play Store

The application is placed on Editor’s Choice on Play Store. It has more than 50 million downloads. 31 MB size. The application got 4.4 overall rating from Play Store users.

How to Downsize a Picture for Instagram on Photo & Picture Resizer

  • Go to App Store or Play Store.
  • Download image resizer app from the sources we provided above.
  • Run application.
  • Select Photos from the main menu.
  • Open a picture to downsize for Instagram.
  • Click on resize icon at the top menu.
  • Select a dimension.
  • You downsize your picture for Instagram now.
  • Login Instagram and upload picture.

How to Downsize Pictures for Instagram

It is quite easy to do. You can also ask your question if you have any questions regarding this. We are going to help you as soon as possible.

Alternative Applications for Resizing Pictures for Instagram

You can find some good alternative applications for resizing pictures for Instagram…



These applications will also be very useful for downsize pictures for downsize pictures for Instagram.

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