banner4.pngIf you would like to meet and chat with girls or men, we have done a nice feature for you. Many people will see your profile and your Skype address, Facebook Address or Email Address (Optional) will be published. So if anyone likes you, he or she will able to send mail or message via mail or contact you by Facebook? It will be quite easy for you fill the form but there are some required stuffs to create a profile.

You need to 18 years old at the least. We don’t accept younger people to create a profile in our system. We are considering to create a penpal system very soon. May be we will accept teens for penpal system. You need to write a good description for yourself and you need to type your full name in the form. You need to specify your gender, you should write your country and city. This is what we need for match you with a partner. You will receive a mail from us, if we able to find a suitable partner for you. So it will be easy for you to find out new women or men in the site. How to Chat Online, giving you good oppurtnity for meet with women.

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How to Create a Profile

It’s very easy. We are going to tell you it step by step.

  • Go to this page for: Create a Profile
  • Type your Full Name.
  • Type your Correct Mail that we can connect you.
  • Type a description for yourself.
  • Type your hobbies and interests.
  • Type your partnet picks.
  • Type your country.
  • Type your city.
  • Type your age.
  • Type your gender.
  • Type your Skype, Email or Facebook URL (Optional)
  • Click on Submit Button.
  • Then you should upload a picture of you.
  • Select a file and click on Upload button.

That’s all you have to do. So you will start to get adds on your Skype and your Facebook account from women or men. You can also send us your photos with mail:

Want to Chat with Girls?

If you want to chat with girls, it’s very simple anymore. You don’t need to spend time and try to seek for girls on internet. We are going to give your detailed information for girls. And they will try to chat with you. You won’t go seek for women on dating sites.

Want to Chat with Men?

If you want to chat with men, creating profile will be the best oppurtinity for you. While you surf on internet, men will add you on Skype and Facebook and you won’t spend your time in dating sites.

What does your profiles look like?


Hobbies and Interests Ski, Tv Shows, Soccer, Sports, Magazine
Personality: Hello, I am Mike. I am 29 years old and I am very handsome and tall. I am honest and I love to be honest., etc. etc. etc.
He looks for a partner: I want to meet with a blonde women who is living in Scandinavia. She should be beautiful, honest and someone love to sports… I can chat with these women.
Country Norway
City Oslo
Age 29
Gender Male
Skype Mikeandfakedesert273
E-mail address that you can contact him,
Facebook  URL Mikeandfakedesert273

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