I am just the guy who is looking for nice friends. The first reason I come here is to meet new people and learn other languages. Hopefully, we can exchange the language knowledge for different purposes. I am not freaking pervert. Well, I don’t really know what exactly people would like to know about me. I am humble, shy and sensetive, so girls please don’t heart me LOL. I don’t like gold-diggers and I never been cheated by any of them. Sometimes I may act like rude or whatever, but my personality is not like that acttually. So, hope to get new friends all over the world. My personal info relatively my hobby, interests please just scroll down and you will see it below. Don’t really know what kinda thing I should tell the world about myself. I don’t follow the modern fashion and avoid people who love it. Mostly, I like simpleness about people. We should get rid of acting a nice person and be just the way who we really are! I live in Kazakhstan, single, no children. Not going to take advantage of people and not going to ask for help coming to different countries, NO, Im not like that! I don’t care if you’re black, white, psycho, bum, if you have no money or may be you do have money I don’t care! If you are nice to me I’ll be nice to you. I don’t go for looks, also hate people who care about the way people look on picz or in real life. Appearance is deceptive, we can look beautiful outside but ugly inside. I trust nobody, but still can accept people the way God made them. I’m cheerful and love to joke around, watching pranks on youtube. This what makes me smile! See you soon. Peace!

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Arstan’s Interests

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Hobbies and Interests Im into sport, I like martial arts, MMA fight and stuff like that. But mostly I like learning languages, that’s why Im here. It comes first over everything.
What kind of partner do you look? That’s kinda weird question, Im honest person. I never lie and disrespect such people. Also I don’t play a role like Im an extremely nice person, I am ME. I’m not double-faced, I don’t keep my emotions inside when people insult me. Like it or lump it that’s who I am.
Country Kazakhstan
City Uralsk
Job Administrator
Education Vocational education
Languages Kazakh, Russian, English
Nationality Kazakh
Age 26
Gender Male
Skype arstan.umarov
E-mail address or a messenger you want to give your partrners. (It will be published) a_1411@mail.ru
Facebook Profile URL umarov.arstan

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