What will Happen if You Create a Fake Facebook Account

You decided to create a fake Facebook account and you want to know consequences of this? We are going to tell you what will happen if you ever want to have a fake account at this time. We focused on provide information on those fake accounts on how to chat online nowadays. We will provide more information on those accounts at incoming days for you. Creating account can be dangerous for you or you are not going to have any problem with laws but Facebook itself only.

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What will Happen if You Create a Fake Facebook Account

If you would like to create a Fake Facebook account, you will need to check these pages first:

These three article will give you brief information what is forbidden and allowed with laws. So you will manage to avoid illegal stuff and create your account legally. If you have already created one and want to know what can happen. You can see the following.

You will be charged with a penalty if you impersonate someone, stealing personal data, using picture of someone or a brand, making false statements for someone else. If you don’t do these but still create a fake account, your account will be removed by Facebook. However you are not going to be charged legally for creating a random account. It is because you are not violating any copyright or an individual’s right. However Facebook doesn’t want any fake accounts in their system. If staff understand that you have two accounts on the website, you can lose both of them.

How is the Process for Legal Issues

If someone filed a fake account to an attorney, the process is going to quite fast for this:

  • Firstly attorney makes an investigation on account and gather proofs.
  • Then submit the issue to the court.
  • The court requests IP of the user from Facebook to identify the fake account owner.
  • If account owner is using a proxy, the court requests service provider to provide actual IP.
  • After the court finds to identity of account owner, he/she will get invite by court to defend himself/herself.

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