What Are Facebook Reels?

Facebook reels, inspired by tiktok videos, were only limited to the USA when they were first used. In 2022, Facebook launched the Reels feature globally. These reels are a facebook plugin with short and funny videos. However, like every content, there are planning, shooting and editing stages of these videos. In addition, if desired, it is also possible to add music to the videos or use sound from someone else’s video.

You can also make remix videos other people’s videos and upload clips up to 60 seconds long on this platform. You can save drafts too, and Meta is adding even more cropping tools in 2022.Helping the spread of short-form video content, TikTok offers all these capabilities. But unlike TikTok, you don’t need to download anything else to use Reels. Just open Facebook or Instagram.

What Are Facebook Reels?

How to make Facebook Reels and share them

To create a Facebook reels video, follow the steps below:

  • Tap Create in the Reels section in the Feeds of Facebook
  • Or tap the camera icon in the upper right corner while viewing a reel.
  • Add video to your reel:
  • Tap the record button to add new video.
  • Tap the photo icon in the left corner to add a video clip to your reel.
  • Add audio, text, effects, captions, or timers to your reel.
  • Tap their respective icons on the right side of your screen.
  • Tap Next when you’re done.
  • Write a description for your reel.
  • Choose an audience.
  • Reels are public by default. (See the notes below for more details.)
  • Tap Share Reel to broadcast your reel.
  • Reels where people can find all the reels you shared will live on your profile.

Where do reels videos appear on Facebook?

Reels was originally launched on Instagram, inspired by TikTok videos. Reels provides a smart and fast way to create fun and visually entertaining short-form video content. You can take a look at the entertaining content videos that you and others have created from the reels tab in the facebook system. Facebook owner Meta recently added more “monetization” ads to Facebook Reels. This means, for example, that you’ll see banner ads appearing as a translucent overlay underneath a reel, or static sticker ads that “can be placed anywhere on their reel by a creator.” Facebook is also giving content creators access to its ad placement program “in nearly all countries where in-stream ads are available.”

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