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Sometimes users can get errors while they video call people on Facebook. We are going to give you some information on here how to resolve this problem. There can be several reasons of this error. We are going to give you multiple solutions on this page. We recommend you to try all these solutions. We will also recommend you some browsers for Facebook Video Call. So you will able to get the best performance for your video calls.

This problem may occur because of updates of Facebook, updates of Adobe Flash, browser updates, technical problems with your camera or microphone, usage of programs, firewalls, etc. You will need to ask a few questions to yourselves before you begin to apply our solutions on your computer. These are:

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1-) Your video call was working perfectly on Facebook chat a few days ago. What did you install to your computer after you made a proper call on the website? An antivirus? Messenger? May be virtual camera program? Or a program about your camera device?

2-) Does your camera work properly?

3-) Does your microphone work? Did you ever test your mic and camera? (There are some online web test services)

If you know the answers of these questions, you will able to resolve this problem faster.

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How to Fix Video Call Error on Facebook Chat

As we have told you above, there are several reasons of video call errors on the website. We are provide many solutions for you with categories. Before you start to read our steps we recommend you to do these:

  • Uninstall Video Call application from your computer and reinstall it.
  • Check your video and microphone devices.
  • Check your computer’s firewall settings.
  • Clean your history and cookies. You can do it manually but we recommend CCleaner program for it if you want an effective clean.

Facebook Updates

Unfortunately sometimes Facebook is updating their video call add-on. However they can fail when they do these updates and people may get errors while they do Video Call. If you have made an update for your Facebook Video calling and if you are getting errors, we recommend you to wait for some time or you can mention about these errors on Facebook Community. Unfortunately there’s nothing to do if this error occurs because of recent update.

You can take a look at this community to learn more if video call doesn’t work on Facebook Chat:

Adobe Flash and Updates

We recommend you to use latest version of Adobe Flash for the best performance. You can check your current flash version on here: Check Latest Version of Adobe Flash

If you have the latest version of flash, you can go to our next step. If you haven’t installed it already, you should let your browser to install the latest version or you will need to install it manually.

Sometimes Adobe flash storage is causing this problem. We have told about how to clear flash storage for Omegle on our recent pages, you can also do the same steps.

Browser Updates

We know that updating browsers always decreasing the performance of your computer while you are surfing on internet since it requires more RAM. However sometimes an add-on doesn’t work when you use an outdated browser. If you start to get this error, we recommend you to get latest version of your browser or you can still use another browser.

Google Chrome is Recommended Browser for Facebook Video Call

We have tested several browsers for Facebook Video Call. How to Chat Online recommends you to use Google Chrome for best performance. You can download Chrome browser with clicking here. Google Chrome is one of the best browsers which you will get the maximum video call performance. It updates adobe flash automatically and you will never get outdated. If you looking for alternative one we also recommend Mozilla Firefox too.

Camera & Microphone Device Problems

Your camera or Microphone doesn’t work properly? You will need to check these steps then.

  • Be sure that you have installed that latest driver for your camera. If you have changed your camera or if you have reinstalled your OS, you can get some driver problems. You can get your updated camera driver from website of product.
  • Some instant messengers or chat sites will not allow you to use your camera in Facebook Video Calling. (Example: If you are on Omegle or Skype, you won’t able to use the Facebook Video Calling in the same time) You should also check if there’s any other application which is using your camera. You will need to close or disable them.
  • You will need to check your cables of your camera. If it’s broken, you won’t able to connect to service.
  • Check your webcam if you connect it to your computer correctly.

Check below if you would like to see other camera related problems.

Anti-Virus, Programs and Extensions

Have you installed any program, antivirus or extension after you made a proper video call on Facebook? So we recommend you to uninstall these programs, extensions. If you have installed Anti-Virus, take a look at firewall settings. Especially if you have installed something related with video or camera, try disable or uninstall it from your computer or browser. Your camera shouldn’t work somewhere else at all.

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