How to Talk To Strangers on Facebook

how to talk to strangers on FacebookThere are a few ways to chat with people on Facebook. However we are going to tell you a few talk to strangers chat apps of Facebook on this page. It will help you communicate with people from abroad. There are a few options for this service on the website. So you will able to learn features of these chat apps on Facebook and you will able to use them freely. All services are free which we will mention on this page. You will find many online users on these applications and you will have a chance to make new friends. You don’t need to register to these services. You need a Facebook account, that’s all. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you will need to register for it. You can use these services like Facebook Dating services and you don’t need to spend tons of cash for it like dating websites.

There are two chat apps for Facebook to meet strangers. These services are Chatous and People Roulette. We have already introduced Chatous for you in the past. Now we are going to introduce chat app a little bit for you. Let’s begin to tell you how to talk to stranges with your Facebook account.

 Talk to Strangers Apps on Facebook with Video and Text Chat

There are two talk to strangers apps on Facebook. You can use these services freely:


Chatous is one of the best applications which you can enter with your Facebook accounts. You will find many online people on here and you can talk to strangers freely. You will meet many online girls and guys. Chatous is providing video chat and text chat services for their users. You can enter here without registration. However if you would like to add people as a friend, you can do it on the website.

People Roulette

People Roulette is another good service to talk to strangers on Facebook. It’s a quality app and you can meet many strangers from different countries on the website. There are generally people from Eastern Europe, West Europe, Asia, Arabia and North Africa. There’s only video chat on this online chat platform.

How to Talk to Strangers on These Facebook Chat Apps

It’s very easy. Let’s tell you how to do it step by step with pictures on here:

Chatous – Step by Step

1-) Login your Facebook account and make a search as “Chatous” in search box.

Talk to Strangers on Facebook Chatous 1

2-) Click on search icon on search box to perform the search.

Talk to Strangers on Facebook Chatous 2

3-) Select Apps from the left sidebar of the website:

Talk to Strangers on Facebook Chatous 3

4-) You will see the option on search results as “Communication”. Click on “Use Now” button to connect Chatous.

Talk to Strangers on Facebook Chatous 4

5-) Now you are ready to talk to strangers on Facebook with Text and Video chat.

Talk to Strangers on Facebook Chatous 5

People Roulette – Step by Step

People Roulette is giving only video chat service for their users. Let’s tell you how to use this Facebook chat app step by step (you can use our picture guideline above for People Roulette too):

1-) Login your Facebook account and type “People Roulette” to search box.

2-) Click on search icon on the search box.

3-) Select “Apps” option from left sidebar.

4-) Click on “Use Now” button.

5-) Begin to Talk to Strangers with your Facebook account.

That’s all. You can ask any questions about these apps with commenting this page.

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